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Affordable Pricing. No Hidden Fees.

All posts are distributed between all social media platforms.

Example: Standard Package will have 20 Posts which may be divided into 10 Posts each for 2 separate Social Media channels.

Social Media Channels

Which channels we offer support for.

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Our Social Media Process

We make sure that every social media post is curated to your brand and voice. 

Brand Research

Create Posts


Schedule Posts

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Research Your Brand

Before we create social media posts, it’s essential to conduct thorough research of our client’s brand identity, target audience demographics, and psychographics. We also analyze competitors’ social media strategies to identify opportunities and differentiate our client’s content.

Trend analysis is crucial, as staying up-to-date with current industry trends and relevant hashtags will help us maintain relevance and engagement. Overall, this comprehensive research process ensures that we create posts tailored to our client’s specific goals and audience.

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Create Social Media Posts

After comprehensive research understanding your brands identity, target audience, and competitior, we begin the social media post creation process.

We develop a content strategy and calendar aligned with your goals and begin creating engaging social media posts. We specifically craft each word to connect with your audience.

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Revision & Approvals

Nothing gets posted on your social media accounts without your approval.

We send you a full month of social media posts for you to review and revise. All plans include unlimited revisions.

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We Post and Monitor!

Once we’ve received your approval, we schedule and post on your social media accounts!

We then monitor and report back to you our results each month. Sit back and watch your audience and following grow!


Add Ons

Messaging & Response


We’ll respond to comments and messages on your page. This includes public comments and private messages sent to you. If it’s an important message, we will pass it along to you.

Blog Posts


We’ll write SEO blog posts for your website each month to boost organic visibility. Each blog post is 750 words which will show you are an authority in your space.

Hashtag Research


We’ll find 100 effective, relevant hashtags to use on your posts. Stop using ineffective hashtags and let us find impactful tags to use.

Social Profile Boost


We’ll optimize your About/Bio sections with all the information your followers need to learn more or contact your business. Inform your customers about all the details around the business it may be missing.

Online Strategy Consultation


We’ll hold a 60-minute call to review your analytics and discuss strategy improvements and goals going forward.

Sponsored Posts


We’ll create Facebook or Instagram ads with custom graphics that gain attention and views. We’ll spend $20 and make sure to target your specific audience and demographic.

Instagram Highlights


We’ll create 3 highlights to pin to your Instagram profile. This is great to showcase your important content to your audience.

Social Community Engagement


We’ll engage with your industries community so that your audience can become familiar with your brand. We’ll engage with 5 accounts each week.

Ready to Talk?


You can use this button to schedule a call with us to discuss if we’re a good fit for your business.

Still Have Questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? See if we answered it here.

How will you charge?

We will send a recurring monthly invoice through Freshbooks. If not, we also offer PayPal. Both options allow you to use credit cards.

How will we communicate?

We will communicate via email or Slack and will make sure you approve of posts before publishing.

What happens after sign up?

We will schedule a call with you to discuss your social media content strategy to understand your needs and target audience. Then we will collaborate to get any available media assets and get started on your social media!

10 working days later, you get a full month of social media posts for you to review!

If you want to change anything, we will revise until it is all approved. Then we post them throughout the month.

How will you know what to post for your specific business?

Our team is determined to fully understand your company and audience. We will also meet with you initially and send you a questionaire  to understand your brands voice and style.

We research each industry specifically and have experience creating content in various niches.

Will I review the posts before they are posted?

We don’t post anything without your approval. You can revise any post you would like. After your approval, we post them on your social media.

We do need to hear back from you within 72 hours for any revisions as we have deadlines so that we can post them at the scheduled time. If we do not hear back from you for an approval, we will not post anything.

Where does your visual content come from?

It varies from client to client. If a client has a large library of assets, it can be helpful. We can work with clients who send us content throughout the months. If the client doesn’t have any content, we will use premium stock photos with our graphic designer to create an engaging and unique social media post.

What if I want to mention Promotions or Sales?

We are flexible and can add in any sales or promotions you want to mention on your Social Media platforms. If possible, please give us a notice of 10 days before the next month starts so we can plan for it.

Do you have a Cancellation policy?

We only ask you give us a 30 day written or emailed notice so that we do not begin any future work on the next months social media posts.

Do you accept any other forms of payment?

The PayPal or Freshbooks invoice will allow you other payment methods (credit cards, etc.) but that is the only way we can invoice you at the moment.

What about a Refund Policy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your service within 30 days on the day of payment, we will give you a full 100% refund. This only includes 1 months worth of payments. After 30 days, this guarantee no longer applies. You also agree to not use any social media content produced by Text Goods LLC.

Do I need to give you my social media logins?

It depends on the social platform you choose! Some channels let you add us as an Admin on the account while others do not.

What platforms do you support?

We support Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GMB, and LinkedIn.

Can I still post on my social media accounts?

Yes! It is still your social media accounts, but we would still prefer to be informed if you intend to so we do not duplicate any posts. Not necessary though.