Social Media Management

Let us manage your social media so you can focus on growing your business.


Why is Social Media Important for Businesses?

Social media is one of the most powerful tools you have as a business owner. When managed correctly, social media can help you:

  • Find new customers
  • Expand your reach to a worldwide market
  • Get more valuable customer feedback
  • Build loyalty among your customer base

A well-managed social media account is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. 

Why Hire us to Manage Your Social Media for You?

As simple as it sounds, effectively managing even one social media account can take up a ton of your time. You already have a website to worry about, so we take the burden off your hands and make sure you have social media accounts that keep clients engaged with your business 24/7. 

Some of the social media management services we can take care of for you include:

  • Creating your monthly content calendar
  • Scheduling and posting content
  • Deciphering your page analytics
  • Engaging with customers on your behalf

A well-planned social media account is a successful social media account. Let us use our proven techniques to build you the biggest, most engaged audience possible!

Infographic of How Social Media Helps SEO

Our Custom Graphics Get Attention

Other Social Media Services

Audience/Page Analysis – $70 per Page

    • Top locations
    • Demographics
    • Active times
    • Post analysis — what’s working and what’s not
    • Full one-time report

    Content Scheduling – $120 per Page

      • Creating content calendar for entire month
      • All posts need to be provided by client
      • Scheduling all planned posts on social media (Available for FB and IG)

      Messaging/Engagement – $100 per Month

      • Messaging (Pricing may vary based on expected volume)
        • Reply to all comments, DMs, mentions within 24 hours (when possible)
        • Build customer feedback into monthly/weekly report
      • Engagement 
        • Comment on five niche posts per day, M-F
        • Reply to all applicable comments on posts

      Descriptions of Each Service

      Here is a description of each of the services we may provide.

      Graphic creation

      High-quality, custom graphics made with your preferred color palette and fonts.

      Audience analysis

      Analyzing your current audience to determine most popular demographics, top cities, type of content, and active times.


      Analyzing audience engagement to determine what’s working and what’s not.

      Content calendar

      An adjustable, interactive monthly calendar with every post planned out.

      Hashtag research

      Careful research to determine the best tags to add to each post for the highest reach possible. 

      Local hashtag research

      Hashtag research specific to your general metropolitan location to drive more local traffic.

      Content scheduling

      Posts scheduled in advance through Meta Business Suite.


      Replying to DMs, comments, and replies on your behalf.


      Commenting and replying to other accounts in your niche to build a reputation in the industry.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      How will you charge?

      We will send a recurring monthly PayPal invoice.

      How will we communicate?

      We will communicate via email and will make sure you approve of posts before publishing.

      Do you accept any other forms of payment?

      The PayPal invoice will allow you other payment methods (credit cards, etc.) but that is the only way we can invoice you at the moment.