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I have been hesitant to write a recommendation. I want ’em all by myself, and i want to share with no one! _But i realize, the best thing is, for TextGoods to do well and thrive on this _

TextGoods has the best content team i have ever used. Straight up. I have spent over $4,000 already and i am going to throw my entire cashflow at this team, as long as the universe allows me.

Unparalleled in Quality and Service… Thank You…

@SimonHansen, Project 24 Member

I found TextGoods and tried out a few articles. They were extremely well written and followed the P24 guidelines perfectly. I have since hired this team to do a full 30 article build.

I highly recommend his team and I wish all of you success on your projects!

@mrausa22, Project 24 Member

I hired TextGoods for the first time a couple weeks ago for 8 articles (4 response + 4 staple). After reviewing them, I have to say they are of EXCELLENT quality. I’ve worked with writers on iWriter, Fiverr, and Upwork, but this is by far the easiest experience and highest quality content I’ve received from any content producer.

100% worth the money.

Looking forward to expanding my niche sites more and more using TextGoods.

@grantbartel, Project 24 Member

Decided to give TextGoods a test and I’m VERY impressed!

The first article was well researched, sources were cited, and the quality of the writing was as if I would’ve done it on my own! Will definitely place some bigger orders in the near future!

——- 2nd order ——

Without a doubt this service is top notch! I’ve used TextGoods on multiple occasions, but this time did a full 30 article package. Almost all of the articles came back in excellent condition and needed very little editing. I use Grammarly Pro to do my editing and found the process to be quick with every article.

The articles were fully researched, well written, overall good grammar, and most importantly hit the word count. The flow of the content was good and the writers wrote in an engaging way that hooks readers.

Any issues I had with content or approach TextGoods was able to rectify quickly. They were able to get a few articles rewritten and upfront about what the process and timetables would be.

Overall I’m really impressed with the quality of content I’ve gotten, and the articles were a huge boost for my website. Some of them are already bringing in traffic and it’s on a fairly new site!

I’ll definitely be ordering again and encourage anyone else looking for quality content done with in-depth research to do so as well!

@jross0629, Project 24 Member

A quick review for Dane and his team. I sent Dane a list of instructions on specific research guidelines and direction I want to take with my site. I ordered 2 response posts as a test and I am very pleased with the results! The writer followed my instructions well and I made very little edits to the articles before I published them. I plan on ordering more articles!

@CoreyAndAndrea, Project 24 Member

I ordered just one article from TextGoods. The quality was the highest I found among several writers/services I tested so far. Recommended.

@Bandrea87, Project 24 Member

I just wanted to stop in and say how happy I am so far working with TextGoods. I placed an article for 30 posts for a new website. I plan to almost 100% outsource this new site even though it is a niche I have a lot of experience in. I wrote two articles and decided I just have too many projects right now and prefer to dedicate my time to my main site.

While I do hire and manage writers for my other sites (as well as writing myself), I didn’t want to take on yet another set of writers for another niche and, instead, decided to try Dane’s service. 

I have received 10 out of 30 so far and the last few were so good all I had to do is copy and paste. I was able to read, evaluate and publish 7 of them before 10 am this morning. I’m pretty picky, so this is huge for me. This has been an amazing time saver for me and definitely worth it.

Best of all, one of the articles I published on 10/19 already had an organic visitor two days after publishing the article!! Just 1 but for an 8-day old article on a new site with less only 5 posts at the time, that is pretty awesome!!

I know not everybody can invest in content but, when you can, I have no doubt it is worth it.

@Lairic, Project 24 Member

TextGoods is the real deal and produces quality work. I have gotten back 7 of the 10 articles I ordered and am very happy with the quality. As a bonus, these writers understand how to format the articles correctly, which saves me a lot to time and hassle.

Thanks, TextGoods! This has been such a great process that I am ordering 20 more.

@Toddo, Project 24 Member

Absolutely great quality. Would highly recommend this service.

@shanegiggs, Project 24 Member

To everyone who hasn’t used TextGoods before, their work is top notch and worth every penny.

@JimmieJames, Project 24 Member

I worked with TextGoods twice – some of the articles are number #1 to #3 on Google. Quality articles! Cannot wait to work with them again!

@Chief_Adu, Project 24 Member

An excellent service with TextGoods. I’ve ordered over 70 articles from them and have always been pleased. I highly recommend them if you want to do some outsourcing!

@Affilbits, Project 24 Member

Will be getting another 30 pack this month, the TextGoods team does great work.

@brad896, Project 24 Member

I ordered my first set of 10 articles from TextGoods recently and have really been happy with the content I’ve gotten back. I’m in a niche that is a little off the wall and didn’t know what to expect as far as quality went, but they have exceeded my expectations! Customer service is quick as well, even at 10 pm eastern time.

@harrisco11, Project 24 Member

Our Top Pick for Outsourcing Blog Posts: TextGoods

After testing multiple content providers, we got the best results from using TextGoods.


Why we recommend TextGoods:

We spent over $1000 dollars ordering and critiquing TextGoods articles and we were very happy with the quality of articles they produced. The writers are trained to produce top quality work and if you are not completely satisfied with the finished product, they offer rewrites until you are satisfied with their work.

TextGoods is owned and operated by a Project 24 member who does business in an honest and caring way, making sure you are completely happy with the work provided. TextGoods writers have been trained using Project 24 methods making them extremely valuable to other Project 24 members.

What they could do to improve: Honestly there’s not much they can do to improve, it’s about perfect for what we’d use a content provider for. As long as you provide the writer with enough information on what you’re looking for, I think using content providers can be a very effective way to outsource. Just don’t expect to copy and paste the post onto your site and be done. You will need to take a minute to add images, review the post to add your voice into it, etc.

Compared to the competition:

As I mentioned, we arrived at this recommendation after doing a head-to-head comparison of multiple content mills. But the long and short of it is that in the end, we like TextGoods the best.

IncomeSchool - Jim and Ricky from Project 24

As long as TextGoods has the time to take on my articles and keep up with the same great adherence to P24 guidelines, then I will keep using them. I received my first 10 Response Post articles from them last week. The main thing I can say is that, for the first time EVER, I am very happy with a large order of articles!

@benglishtea, Project 24 Member

Thanks so much for the first six posts. They are awesome. Right on point, quality information and I really liked the writing style. Great Job. Looking forward to the other 9.
Really pumped now.

If anyone is looking for quality content with a trusted P24 member, connect with TextGoods!

@Coolcopters, Project 24 Member

Thanks for the articles!
Highly recommend www.textgoods.com
If you truly believe content is king, then it’s a good investment!

@Jc2020, Project 24 Member

Just wanted to give Dane another review…5 stars!

He gave me 3 staple posts for free because one of his writers drop the ball per my first review. (I didn’t ask for free work but he offered to do it.) and I wanted to add that the articles are very good staple post…

I’m ordering another 30 if he can handle it.

@harrisandjenny, Project 24 Member

Recently, I got my 10 response posts from TextGoods. The final quality is very good. The information given is useful to the reader and the articles are structured very well, with all the nuts and bolts of an outstanding P24 student.

My niche is dealing with a fairly technical topic, and TextGoods tackled the challenge quite well. So I hope my review is useful for anyone considering ordering articles. Highly recommend his content service.

@alexb2018, Project 24 Member

Just wanted to provide a review on TextGoods. I bought a 30 article package for a new P24 site that I am working on and wanted to wait until I got all 30 back to leave a review. In short, TextGoods was awesome. The first 10 response posts were not the quality I was wanting and TextGoods took them back and did a COMPLETE revamp of all of them and the second draft was very, very good. The staple posts and the pillar posts were extremely well done, well researched, and thorough.

Overall I am VERY happy with the quality and he has made standing up my P24 site extremely easy. I definitely get the sense that TextGoods wants to do the right thing, treat people the right way, and be able to ship really great content. And that’s what I got working with them on the first 30 articles. Will definitely work with them again as we grow this site. 

I would not hesitate to recommend his writing team. Plus, I have met Dane in person here in Dallas, Texas and he just seems like a good dude. Real family man that is working hard on a lot of businesses. Two thumbs up.

@cgasmire, Project 24 Member

Not that they need any more excellent recommendations, but I ordered 10 Response Posts from TextGoods and I am very, very happy with the results. The articles were well researched and well formatted in the P24 style. I did a plagarism check and they all came back clean and original. I added some personal tid-bits and photos, and they were ready to publish.

I will very happily use TextGoods services again, and based on my experience, you can too with confidence.

@FBSJack, Project 24 Member

I have received the post from TextGoods and, “Oh boy!”. Great article. I am very knowledgeable about the topic so I know how hard it can be. I chose a tricky article just to test them and see what they could deliver and they have blown me away.

I will definitely be purchasing more content from TextGoods once I get a bit of traction.

@MiquelM, Project 24 Member

TextGoods is just about to accomplish and finish my 30 pcs article assignment. I can really only recommend this service. I will order again soon.

@artinach, Project 24 Member

I have to say that TextGoods is a great and high-quality service.

@Raul, Project 24 Member

I recently ordered 10 Response and 10 Staple posts from Dane. Just gotta say, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Ordering with TextGoods is one of the best things you can do. TextGoods is great and now they have someone to answer emails, replies to any queries are much faster…this team never sleeps!

@shazwad, Project 24 Member

Thank you so much for the amazing article from the textgoods.com team. It is very well written and I can tell it was researched thouroughly. I appreciate the detail.

Looking forward to ordering some more articles soon.

@megancorwin, Project 24 Member