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I recently ordered 10 Response and 10 Staple posts

Ordering with TextGoods is one of the best things you can do. TextGoods is great and now they have someone to answer emails, replies to any queries are much faster…this team never sleeps!

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“I will definitely be purchasing more content from TextGoods once I get a bit of traction.

I have received the post from TextGoods and, “Oh boy!”. Great article. I am very knowledgeable about the topic so I know how hard it can be.

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Miquel M.

Just had the last of 30 articles delivered

The quality was better than I expected, delivered in good time.

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Bruce Garry

I just wanted to stop in and say how happy I am so far working with TextGoods.

I have received 10 out of 30 so far and the last few were so good all I had to do is copy and paste.

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April L.

Our Top Pick for Outsourcing Blog Posts: TextGoods

After testing multiple content providers, we got the best results from using TextGoods.

We spent over $1000 dollars ordering and critiquing TextGoods articles and we were very happy with the quality of articles they produced.

Jim and Ricky
Income School

Recently, I got my 10 response posts from TextGoods. The final quality is very good.

My niche is dealing with a fairly technical topic, and TextGoods tackled the challenge quite well. So I hope my review is useful for anyone considering ordering articles. Highly recommend his content service.

Alex B.

Thank you so much for the amazing article from the team

It is very well written and I can tell it was researched thouroughly. I appreciate the detail.

Looking forward to ordering some more articles soon.

Megan C.

You Need Fresh, Quality Content

We have hundreds of professional writers to give you the content your site needs!

Taxes and fees may be applied to the price below.

Small Article - $65

With a minimum of 750 words our Small Articles provide quick answers and get your quick results. Our articles are structured based on multiple proven methods and are built to drive the most possible traffic to your site in the shortest amount of time possible.

Medium Article - $80

Medium articles are meant to provide slightly more in-depth answers to search queries that you're targeting with a minimum of 1000 words. These articles utilize the best practices taught throughout the blogging industry to bring you the best possible results.

Large Article - $156

Our Large Articles cover numerous styles and formats such as How To's, List Posts, Reviews, and much more. These articles are a minimum of 2000 words and utilize the most accepted blogging methods to help you build serious authority and trust with your readers and drive traffic to your site.

XL Article - $216

Create an incredible resource for your readers with an XL Article. These articles are no less than 3000 words and provide the most in-depth answers to your readers questions by understanding and targeting the readers intent. All TextGoods articles are written using proven blogging methods.

Our Happy Clients:

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5 Reasons We Don't Use AI for Content

Our writing staff here at TextGoods is 100% human, despite the continuing rise of believable content generated by artificial intelligence.

  1. Our Sources are Known and Credible
  2. The Human Experience
  3. AI Content Violates Google's Guidelines
  4. AI Content will soon be Watermarked
  5. The Human Process and Feedback

We know AI has shaken up the content world, but we're doubling down and making a stand. We know human generated content will always be the best content.

Want to learn more? Read more.

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