Content for Agencies

Let us provide your clients with amazing SEO optimized content. We hire the writers, training, and editing – all based on your specific client needs.


Creating Successful Content Since 2019

Text Goods has delivered over 1 million words since its inception. We are able to deliver content specifically tailored to each clients request as we dive deep to understand your clients brand and overall needs.

Expert Trained Writers

Our team of writers is hired, trained, and vetted for the best. Additionally, we have a Quality Assurance Editor and Content Editor to triple check for quality content.

SEO Optimized Content

Our team is able to create content that hits your users intent while being professionally optimized and formatted for the web.

Client Branded

We take into account your clients brand, voice, and tone. We ensure that the content we create is cohesive with your clients brand.

Avoid Hiring Headaches

Interviewing, hiring, training, and maintaining a team of writers and editors is hard. Trust us, we know. Let our streamlined process of hiring and training work for you!

No SEO Confusion

Every month it feels like a new SEO update or tip is coming out. Our team is up to date with making sure your content is meeting and exceeding Googles standards.

Less Stress

Save time by not being stressed about trying to find writers to give you average content. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business and helping your clients.

No AI, 100% Humans.

We’ve made the promise to never use AI to create content. We are doubling down that AI content will never surpass human written content.

True human experience will help provide your client the best content there is.

Global Leader in Content

If you’re looking for content on interior design or technology, our team of expertly trained writers has you covered.

Content Orders Delivered

Happy Clients

Words Delivered

1,000+ Satisfied Customers

I have been hesitant to write a recommendation. I want ’em all by myself, and i want to share with no one!  But i realize, the best thing is, for TextGoods to do well and thrive on this.

TextGoods has the best content team i have ever used. Straight up. I have spent over $4,000 already and i am going to throw my entire cashflow at this team, as long as the universe allows me.

Unparalleled in Quality and Service… Thank You…

-Simon H.

An excellent service with TextGoods. I’ve ordered over 70 articles from them and have always been pleased. I highly recommend them if you want to do some outsourcing!



Don’t see something that fits your needs? We can create a custom package just for you!

Each plan must be on a minimum of a 3-month contract and will renew at a month-to-month plan.

Both parties have the ability to cancel existing contracts with a written 30-day notice.

Need Help Publishing Client Content?

If you’re interested in our team publishing the content for you, please mention it during the call and we can discuss options. We know adding smaller SEO tasks such as adding images, links, etc. can become time consuming. Let our team handle the little stuff so you can focus on the big picture.

Does Your Client Need Content Repurposed?

Our team can also transform existing content to fit other platforms. To learn about what types of content we accept, read more here.

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