When you write a blog with multiple topics, you will have many good and bad points to embrace and get past. There are successful blogs that cover numerous niches.

You want to keep some things in mind when you have a blog. You will achieve a higher search engine ranking if you write a single-topic blog. Also, you will not make as much money when you have a multi-niche blog because you will not generate enough traffic.

When it comes to determining if you want your blog to be a multi-niche or single niche, you need to do what is best for your blog. If you want to know more about writing blogs on other topics, peruse this article.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Writing Blogs on Other Topics?

The most important part of starting a blog is deciding what you want to write about. Niche blogging can be a very involved task, but you will enjoy it if you have fun with it.

It is essential to make money, but you also want to write about topics you are passionate about. The trick is determining if you want to write your blog on one specific topic or many different topics. 

The following include the pros and cons of writing blogs on other topics:

Pro: A Multi-Topic Blog Gives You More Options

You will have an easygoing time creating content for a multi-topic blog because you will never fall short of new and fresh ideas.

With a single-topic blog, you can run out of content depending on how narrow the topic happens to be. Specific subjects can be limiting because there is only so much you can say, such as:

  • iPhone cover designs 
  • Certain movies like superhero films
  • The best colors to paint your home 
  • Music like the early 2000s

These are some silly examples of topics that would be too narrow for you to find an endless amount of content for them. You need broad niche topics that will hold your reader’s attention.

 Examples could include entertainment, travel, food, wine, or fashion. These are the topics that typically generate traffic.  

Con: A Single Topic Blog Creates Loyal Followers

When you have a multi-topic blog, it does not often create loyalty in readers.

This loyalty is because when you have your readers hooked, they are likely to share a single interest with you and want to read more about that particular interest.

For example, if you have a fashion blog, it makes sense that your readers are interested in fashion, right?

However, if you have a fashion and video game blog, it will not work. Fashion and video games are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

If you have a fashion blog, it should focus solely on that. If you have a fishing niche, it should focus on fishing. If you have a pet blog, it should be about pets.

You cannot have your topics all over the place if you want to build a loyal readership.   

Another consideration is if you have one group of readers subscribing to your articles about one topic, and another group subscribes to read about a different matter.

A problem arises when you have readers stop subscribing when you write too much about topics that do not interest them.

With Multi Topics, You Will Not Burn Out

You will likely get burned out when you repeatedly talk about the same topic. When you have a multi-topic blog, you have the option of talking about something else.

You will have many topics to choose from. If you find that you are not interested in a specific topic anymore, you can always find something new to talk about.

Sticking with a blog is difficult if you only write about one topic. You are far less likely to give up if you can talk about many different subjects.

You also do not get bored with your blog when you can branch off into other areas of expertise. Life should not be mundane, and you should be able to talk about whatever you want. 

Con: It is Easier to Rank and Grow a Single Topic Blog

You have the luxury of linking authoritative sources much easier when you have a single-topic blog.

When you blog about the same topic as another source, the search engine knows what your blog is about, and it will be easier for people to find you.

Search engines will also know how to rank your content, which will be like traffic driving itself to your site.

There are things you need to consider when it comes to blogging. For example, which blog would you choose to read if you were looking for information about different cat breeds:

  • A blog about cats, gourmet cupcakes, and mystery novels
  • A blog solely dedicated to information about cats

Google tends to rank articles based on authority, and if you have a blog about too many different topics, Google will not acknowledge you as being an authoritative source.

A single-topic blog niche has a better chance of succeeding than a multi-niche blog. 

Pro: You Can Create Many Topics Easier

When you have a multi-topic blog, it is easier to come up with ideas because there is more ground you can cover. With multi-niche blogging, you get to write about topics you know. Your subjects can vary, and you do not need to get too deep into one specific topic. It can be quick and straightforward for you to write this way.

Con: A Multi-Niche Blog Will Not Make As Much Money

The income you generate from your blog is based on the amount of traffic you produce. If your blog gets a great deal of traffic, you will make more dough, which is that simple.

Targeted traffic is also more meaningful than simply just traffic. If you have people coming to your site for one specific purpose, it is better for you monetarily than if you were getting hits for a thousand different reasons.


There are pros and cons of writing about more than one topic. You will likely not get burned out and run out of material when you write about many different issues.

However, remember that sticking to one topic and building a loyal readership may be easier and more lucrative.