Owning a business takes a lot of work, and it takes more to ensure you’re actively growing your company while keeping it afloat. One addition many companies have taken advantage of over the years is a blog. Should you invest in a blog for your business? 

There are several ways a blog will improve any business, including:

  1. Increased traffic
  2. Business exposure
  3. Show and tell for potential customers
  4. Reusable social media content

There are many benefits to pull from blog creation for your endeavors.

If you’re interested in learning more about how blogs can improve your business, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about the benefits of a blog for your company, whether you sell lawnmowers or have an interior design service. 

1. Having a Blog Can Improve Traffic for Your Business

The first clear improvement you will notice with a blog is increased traffic flow to your website. Users will click on blog posts, read them, and navigate to the rest of your site from there. Once they move off the blog section, they may invest in your services for all their professional needs.

A blog will allow you to do the following:

  1. Keep the site updated with new content
  2. Provide helpful advice and solutions for interested parties
  3. Links to social media sites and other connected platforms

There are plenty of ways to market your blog.

The more interested customers are, the more likely they are to click and dive into your site. People search the internet for solutions, and you will provide it to them. Blogs are a foundational piece to tie together products and helpful knowledge from individuals who have been in the industry for a long time.

2. A Blog Will Provide Business Exposure to New Customers

Of course, a blog will provide a slow and steady exposure of your business and offerings to potential new customers. They gain information from your blogs and slowly understand who you are, your personality, and what you offer them if they turn to you for assistance. 

There’s plenty of opportunity available with a blog. It really can help in a variety of ways: 

Best ways to show off your business to customersBuilding a brandA blog can help establish an aestheticShowcasing your expertiseBlog posts feel personal and may be help customers get the right ideaGiving more detailsA blog will give you more of a chance to show and tell your products to potential buyers

Businesses with consistent blogging techniques tend to be the ones that attract the most customers. Whether you own a gardening business or a dental office, people love when companies prove they are consistent. Form engaging, quality content with plenty of research and personal experience to expose your business to new parties.

3. A Blog is A Show and Tell Opportunity for Potential Customers 

Blogging is also another excellent way to create an extensive portfolio of your work thus far. You can show off testimonials from satisfied clients, display work you’re proud of, and prove past successes to brag to new customers and reveal to them what they can expect if they decide to go with your team.

A few examples of show and tell might include many different things. The options are truly limitless!

Graphic with details about Things you could include on your blog for show and tellPhotos of your work or productsCustomer TestimonialsPricingStandout team membersTeasers about upcoming releasesThings you could include on your blog for show and tell

Feel free to show and tell as often as you see fit. You never know when an excellent review or a gorgeous photo might catch the attention of an individual and help them land your business as their next contact. A blog will reveal to a client what they can expect and the overall quality of your work.

4. A Blog Offers Reusable Social Media Content

One of the best parts about investing in a blog is that you can repurpose the content and turn it into postable items for your social media page. You can shorten the works or add links to your specific blog post within the work on your various pages and profiles.

A few common forms of social media used for websites include the following:

  1. Instagram
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn

These are the top performers for professionals.

It’s becoming critical to be active on social media in the professional world today, especially if your target demographic is younger than 40 years old. Blogs are a simple way to remain active daily and kill two birds with one stone, all while expanding your business and helping it to be the best it can be.

5. A Blog Provides Long-Term Benefits for Your Business

The best thing about posting on a blog is that it isn’t just a one-and-done thing. Unlike social media posts, articles will continue to appear at the top of the search engine for as long as they have the best information and top-ranking SEO. You can continue to reap the rewards years after you initially publish the piece.

Long-term durability means:

  1. Customer attraction years after the initial post
  2. Constant proof that you know what you’re talking about
  3. A long history of posts to build credibility

One post can make a world of a difference for years to come.

Of course, the fact that blog posts stick around for a long time makes it critical to double-check all the information before publishing the piece. Ensure you’re done a thorough research and pushed the personality of your brand, along with any showing off you want to do to push potential customers to click further into your website and business offerings.

6. A Blog Offers the Chance for Link Improvement

Blogging also assists with link improvement. Inbound links are some of the most critical factors the Google algorithm uses when determining the sites that rank at the top of the search engine page. It’s also proven to be one of the most vital things to consider when focusing on search engine optimization.

The links you add to your articles should be:

  1. Valuable to your potential audience
  2. Authoritative
  3. Clear and concise

The links should add authority and trust to your page, but they should also assist with search engine optimization. 

It takes work to create excellent backlinks in your pieces. They should be concise and specific, tailored to work well with the work. They will help you build domain authority and prove that you are a reliable and trustworthy source when it comes to the provided information. 

7. A Blog Permits Shared Company News

A blog is also an excellent way to reveal company news, information, and deals. Not everyone will be on your email list, so a blog is a simple way to provide quick knowledge without working hard to get emails from various interested customers.

Items you can share on your blog for your business include the following:

  1. Upcoming discounts and deals
  2. New products and services
  3. Locations changes or new offerings

There are plenty of exciting announcements you can place on your site.

If you display your brand and get your customers excited about announcements, everyone will enjoy your declarations on the blog. Whether you’re small, medium, or large, people will read it. Did you recently hire a new person? Announce it! Do you have a case study that displays further information on customers? Post it! There are endless opportunities.

8. A Blog Allows Trust Building Between You and Clients

Not only do blogs provide valuable content, but they are also an excellent way to build trust with new and old investors alike. You may share your expertise and value while showing what you bring to the industry. The posts will help your team appear professional and prove what you can do.

These strategies will help you further build trust:

  1. Using multiple channels to hit every age category
  2. Personalizing the content to the people reading it
  3. Using market automation tools to make your job easier
  4. Displaying empathy in every post

These will draw your customer in.

The best-performing blogs on the market provide plenty of sources to prove they know what they’re talking about. You might find videos, how-to posts, lists, research links, and more. They answer customer questions and provide information to make a person more knowledgeable. Client education is a fascinating way to draw in new clients.

9. A Blog Permits Expansion of the Company Brand

A blog will also expand your company brand in a new and exciting way. It’s ideal to establish an image for your company for its success in the long term, and growing the brand is one of the best ways to complete this process. You must prove to your clients that you are more than a business – you have empathy, too.

A blog will reveal your humanity to your clients by diving into the day-to-day realities of your business endeavors. Individuals who enjoy reading company businesses love it because they see a new side of a professional company.

10. A Blog Will Provide a Longer Email List

An email list is a classic way to advertise to interested customers, sending them updates about the business and potential offers. The longer your email list, the more potential buyers you have. A blog is an excellent way to add people to your contact list for your company’s email.

It’s tricky to land a personal connection with your clients, but a blog will create a bridge between the business and the customer. If they love the content you post on your site, they are more likely to trust your business and professional site as a whole. Blogs are an excellent way to reach new visitors fast.

11. A Blog Allows Optimal SEO Growth

The final benefit of adding a blog to your business is the potential growth for search engine optimization. This tactic is designed to drive traffic to your website organically with the addition of keywords, links, and optimized titles. With a blog, you can use SEO to appear higher in the search every single time.

Common tools used for SEO growth include the following:

  1. Semrush
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Ahrefs
  4. Answer the Public

These are ideal resources.

The better the search engine optimization on a blog, the more likely your website is to appear to potential customers. The higher you rank on the list of websites that appear, the more likely you are to establish credibility and get more clicks and more potential customers. You are the expert in your niche and SEO will help make that clear.

What Content Should You Produce?

It can be tricky to think about what to post on your blog, especially if it’s your first time creating something for your company. There are several types of content you can produce that will prove beneficial for your company. Pieces about your knowledge, offerings, and professional advice will come in handy.

Your blog posts should:

  1. Cater to your potential audience
  2. Be planned out ahead of time
  3. Hold value for potential customers
  4. Be available frequently
  5. Hold a specific style

These will keep readers interested and excited to click.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine what you want to produce for your business. It’s in your grasp, and only you know your brand, voice, and goals. However, your posts should focus on the reader and potential customer, offering valuable information and even helpful links when practical.

What If You Don’t Have Time For Content Creation?

Of course, it’s tricky to post blog content every single day, whether you have a large company or a tiny local business. And it is necessary to be consistent – customers enjoy reliability and constant information. Is there a way to outsource the job to someone else? Of course, there is – and we have the answer for you.

TextGoods has everything you need if you don’t have time to write constant blog posts but want the content for your business. Our professional team of writers provides excellent written articles, keyword research, hit lists, social media management, and content repurposing, all for your professional future.