Ghost Writer vs Author: Which Should You Hire?

Ghost Writer vs Author: Which Should You Hire?

When it comes to articles and blogging, you may be wondering what the difference is between ghost writers and authors and which you should hire.

A ghost writer is someone that produces written work for someone else, uncredited. An author is someone who creates the written work and is credited for it. Ghostwriting services are typically cheaper and faster, though authors are good for brand recognition.

Figuring out which one you should hire can be difficult when it comes to your business, or in this case, blog. Reading on will give you insights as to what it means to hire both.

Ghost Writers Vs. Authors

When it comes to freelance work, you may be wondering what the difference is between becoming a ghost writer and an author. Or perhaps you are looking for someone to help with written works like a blog or a book.

Authors Are Credited Creators

Authors are people that write and produce written work and are given the rights and credits to this work. Works by authors can be anything that is written.

Examples include but are not limited to:

List of works that always credit at least one author: Scripts, Books, Blog content, Published letters, Short stories, Magazine articles, Textbooks

There are thousands of famous book authors out there such as William Shakespeare, Harper Lee, or J.K. Rowling. But don’t get it twisted: authors can have ghostwriters, too.

For example, famous attorney Josè Baez “wrote a book” about defending his client, Casey Anthony, back in a 2011 murder trial. In that book, he is credited as the author, but he had a ghostwriter. 

Ghost Writers Don’t Receive Credit For Their Work

Ghost writers on the other hand, are a little different. Ghost writers are typically the ones hired to produce written creations. 

Typically, they are hired by authors to write books, articles, or plays for them. However, ghost writers are not given any credit in most cases and, as such, are not permitted to use those 

List of reasons people should use ghostwriters: They don’t write well, but still want credit. They don’t have the time to write. They wanted a second party to help give them ideas. They’re writing something out of their comfort zone. They need help to realize their ideas completely.

Simply put, they are paid to do all the work and put in the time to write and produce without their name being associated with the work. 

There are some cases that an author will credit their ghost writer in their works. Some famous ghost writers are:

  • Alan Dean Foster: Original writer of the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope novel
  • Mark Twain: a ghost writer for President Ulysses S. Grant’s autobiography
  • Ted Sorenson: Ghost writer for John F. Kennedy

Authors and ghostwriters work together, of course. The author typically has the ideas; it might just be a matter of whether or not they need help fleshing them out. If you send a breakup text to your friend before you send it to your partner and they edit it to add in more swear words, they’re a ghostwriter.

Ghost Writer or Author: Which to Hire

When you have a written idea and need help with getting all of your ideas down, you may be looking for someone to help you write it. In this instance, a ghostwriter is best. A ghostwriter is trained to take your notes and run, whereas an author might push back.  

Which Should You Choose?

Hiring someone to write for you can really influence what readers think about you in the long run. While some may not be too bothered about a ghost writer doing the work, others may feel disconnected. 

Pros Cons
Ghostwriters usually take less time to produce work. Since some places have a team of ghostwriters, you might experience inconsistency.
Ghostwriters are better suited for those often-simple blogging topics. If your audience discovers you’re using a ghostwriter, some might be disgruntled. 
Ghostwriters are trained to adjust to different niches. Ghostwriters aren’t always trained in different styles, so there may be a learning curve.


Should I Just Hire an Author?

There are some great reasons to hire an author instead, but do come with some cons. The table below can show you what to expect when you hire an author.

Pros  Cons
Some authors have a built in audience. Depending on the author, it can be costly. 
Authors will have a consistent voice. Will more than likely want to have their name attached to the work.
Authors are often experts in their field. Could create a bigger audience for themselves than for you.
Your artistic visions might differ. 


Both a ghost writer and an author can help you in any way that you need when it comes to articles and blogs. But where can you go when it comes to hiring and working with any freelance writers?

TextGoods Can Help With All Your Ghostwriting Needs

If you’ve decided to go with a ghostwriter, Text Goods is a perfect place to start. Our team consists of dozens of ghostwriters who are trained in a variety of niches, will follow your notes to a tee, and follow one consistent format so you can avoid that jumpy awkwardness. 

Text Goods isn’t just good for ghostwriters, though. In addition to written content, you can trust us for: 

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Deciding to hire a ghostwriter vs an author can really depend on you. Ghost writers are great because they allow you to hire someone else to do the work without a name attached.

Authors on the other hand, can require accreditation when it comes to any articles produced. Both also have differences in the types of niches and specialties. There are some companies that can help you decide which one you are wanting to hire based on your needs. 

TextGoods is a great option to choose from since they have a wide range of both authors and ghost writers that are available for any of the services that you can purchase.