Your business is flourishing, and it is time to hire a copywriter to take some of the burdens off of you. The question is, what do you look for in a great copywriter? You must have someone well-versed in the art of influential writing, so what can they do to persuade you?

When looking for a copywriter, hire a native English-speaking writer. During the interview, see if they are knowledgeable of your industry. Ask for a sample of their writing that reflects your business and products. Talking with previous employers is essential, so obtain reference materials that can be verified.

Choosing and hiring a copywriter can be a challenging task to employ the right person.  To find out who that may be, see the information below to help you decide who the perfect copywriter is for you.

What Should you Consider When Employing a Copywriter?

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When hiring a copywriter, the first thing you need to consider is whether the copywriter speaks native English. English is the world’s dominant language, and someone with English as their first language will understand the idiosyncrasies of English and will use them correctly. 

When translating to English, non-native English writers have difficulty with the cultural distinctions to make the writing flow and grab the reader.  The native English writer can do this with their use of wordplay and historical incidences related to the language.

The writer must also write clearly. They should not speak down to the reader but treat the reader as if they are a peer. With copywriting, you need to keep it simple so that everyone can understand. Not understanding can drive the reader away from your writing.

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What Should I Seek in a Copywriter?

You need to have a set of criteria you keep in mind when looking for a copywriter. You want someone who will be beneficial to you and your company. The following is a list of qualities you need to be looking for in a copywriter:

Is The Applicant Reliable?

The right copywriter should be reliable and able to get their work done on time. If they cannot do that, it does not matter how good a writer they are; they are not trustworthy. It will put your publishing schedule behind if you hire someone who constantly misses their deadlines. 

You should include somewhere in the application that reliability is a requirement. Request references so that you can speak with previous employers to ask if the copywriter was reliable. 

A copywriter who gives you their work late should no longer be considered for future endeavors. 

Willing to Listen and Collaborate is Important

A good copywriter knows that no matter how much experience they have, they should still be willing to listen to their editor. The copywriter you want to hire has no problem with doing revisions. 

Being goal-oriented and a team player, they will take suggestions to review and rewrite the copy to suit your business objectives.

Qualifications Needed for The Position

Make sure you see the resume of your prospective hires before you commit. Ideally, they should have some valuable experience under their belt. The person you hire needs to know what they are doing before you give them any work. 

It would also be good if the copywriter has been working for at least a couple of years. 

The Writer Must be Goal Oriented

A copywriter needs to understand you and your company’s vision for the business. They need to know what it takes to be part of a team of professionals working toward the same goals.

The goal is to research and gather the facts regarding your product or service and make the reader’s life easier. Also, through proper wording, guide the reader to want more information which can lead them from your blog to your website. This reader interest is accomplished through strategic writing.

Strategic Writing is Key

The main difference between a creative writer and a copywriter is that a copywriter tends to produce copy with the end goal in mind. The strategic copywriter uses the facts to build a solid case to persuade and influence the reader. 

A copywriter must use proper keywords and optimize your blog and they must pay close attention to the format. A good copywriter understands strategic planning. They know the the main focus is the outcome and not the process.  


There are specific attributes you should consider when hiring a copywriter. They need to be reliable and easily transition to your company’s platform. Find someone with whom you can have a mutually successful relationship. Good copywriters are a valuable asset to any business.