If you have a blog, you may wonder how many times you should be posting blogs per week. Different bloggers will have different answers to this question. It depends on what your goals for the blog are. 

To maximize organic traffic to your blog, you will want to four to seven times per week to get the best results for traffic. If you blog to help build brand awareness, you can blog once or twice a week as long as the content is valuable to the reader.

Perhaps you have been trying to learn how often you will need to publish a new blog post if you start a blog? If you want to learn more, read below. 

Consistently Post Blogs Weekly

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Consistency matters. If you publish two blog posts this week and six next, Google may not reward you. Choose a number of blog posts to do each week that you can handle week in and week out. It may be tempting to start out writing a post daily, but if it is unsustainable, it will be better to start with a much lower number that you can handle.

Most bloggers find that two or three a week is a good number and still maintain a high-quality blog post. If you cannot maintain quality, it is better to write one longer excellent blog post than to write several a week that do not add value to your reader’s life. 

Quality Over Quantity

Don’t fill up your blogs with filler. While more posts may get you more traffic, it will only work if they are written excellently. They need to be interesting and engage your reader. Does your blog tell them something they need to know? 

Use Keywords Properly

Keywords are necessary for success, but only if they are relevant and sound natural. Your sentences cannot be awkward. Make sure when your reader reads your posts that it flows with ease. Google’s algorithm will judge your posts for being relevant and well written. 

Give your audience a reason to want to stay on your page longer. It only takes a reader 37 seconds to decide whether to leave a website. Google tends to rank blog posts higher if the reader is engaged and stays longer on the page reading it. 

While SEO is important, it has to be correctly used to help your post rank.  

How Long Should Each Post Be

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The minimum length of a post should be 300 plus words. A longer post of over 2000 words will require you to still hold your readers’ attention by writing a valuable post that offers value. The average length of a post that readers find helpful and valuable is between 1000 and 1200 words per blog post. 

Sometimes posts less than 100 words are hard to explain your topic thoroughly, but some topics may start becoming fluff at more than 750 words. 

How to Know Your Blog Post are Providing Value

If a blog post is valuable, it should be able to do these three things. 

  • Does it thoroughly answer enough information about the topic to feel complete to your readers?
  • Have you given your reader only relevant information?
  • Can you bring any more value to this topic?

If your post can answer yes to all these questions, you have completed your job as a writer.

Things to Consider When Determining a Blogging Frequency

There are many things you need to consider when deciding how many posts a week you should share. They include:

  • Do you have enough time in your schedule to write more blog posts each week?
  • What are your content marketing goals? Can you achieve them if you write less often?
  • What topics are you blogging about? 
  • How long are your average blog post lengths?
  • What are other bloggers in your industry doing?
  • Are you hitting your target audience right now?
  • Can anyone help with the writing?
  • Do you still have enough time left to add the SEO to each blog post correctly?

The answers to these questions can help you figure out how many blogs you should write each week. 

To Conclude

The answer to how many blogs should be posted a week is not cut-and-dry. What works for one blogger may not work for another blogger. Take a look closely at the things discussed in this blog, and you should find a solution that works well for you as a blogger. Try it for several weeks and adjust as needed to find your sweet spot.