Do you know how to create content for social media? Do you know how to make social media posts using a blog you wrote for your website? Repurposing content you are already writing can create great content for your social media pages.

Create content for social media by taking content you wrote for your blog and repurposing it. You can make ads, Tweets, and other types of posts for Facebook and LinkedIn. Add images and videos to grab your audience’s attention. Make sure you add a catchy title. 

Create social media posts by using blog content from your website and repurposing it.  If you would like to learn how to create social media content, you will want to read below.

Repurposing Blog Content for Social Media Posts

You wrote a great blog, but it took a lot of time. Now you need great content for your social media pages, but you do not have enough time to research and write the kind of content you wrote for the blog. What can you do to have valuable and engaging social media content using the same research you already have?

Each platform you plan to post to will need its own original content, but it can still be taken from the research and content from the original blog post if done correctly. 

Making Tweets from Your Blog Post Content

Since Tweets are limited to 140 characters, it is easy to take small quotes from the blog post to retweet. Just look for the most critical content and write short to the point tweets. Add a hashtag, and if possible, you can include the link for the blog so readers who want to learn more can go to the blog and read it in its entirety. Consider adding a visual and placing the quote over it to get it tweeted more. 

If the blog post is short, you may only get one or two quotes from it, but you may find five to ten gold nuggets to turn into quotes to share on Twitter for a long post. 

Make Videos for YouTube Using the Research from Your Blog Post

Sometimes you can easily find something in your blog content that would be an excellent subject to discuss in a quick video that you can share on YouTube or Instagram. It might even come from questions readers ask in the comments of your blog or have asked in person or an email. 

If your blog post promotes a product or service, you might want to demonstrate how to use the product or do a review about the product or service in a short video. You can sprinkle some of the valuable information into the video as you tape it. You can also leave a way they can contact you if they have more questions. 

Make Smaller posts for LinkedIn

Rewrite the original blog into three or four smaller sections to share on LinkedIn. This may sound like a lot of work, but you will have already done all the research. Add an excellent, relatable image for each post to help more readers click on it. 

Add Hashtags to Your Content

Hashtags are known to bring more interactions to your content. It does not matter which social media platform you are posting. Add a hashtag. 

Add Call-to Actions 

Call-to-actions give the reader something to do to interact with your post. It can be as simple as asking them to retweet it or share it on Facebook. Maybe you want them to sign-up for your e-newsletter or download a free e-Book. 

Add Images to Your Social Media Posts

Make sure your social media posts have images. People seldom stop to read a block of content unless something catches their eye while scrolling down their feed. You can get stock photos free from several different sites. 

Take your own photos for your posts if you can. Stock photos are better than nothing, but your own photos generally do better. If you do not have a fancy camera, your smartphone will do. Most smartphones have excellent cameras on them. 

Surveys and Contests and Social Media

You can create surveys and contests that follow the topics of your blog posts. This helps readers find more of your content and learn more about your company. It can be as simple as asking contestants to like, share and comment to get into a drawing. 

You might ask them to tag friends to enter the contest or sign up for your emails for an entry. 

Virtual Parties to Celebrate Events You Write About in Your Blog 

Have you ever attended a virtual book launch party or a virtual online business opening. If your original blog was written to tell your followers or customers about something you are about to launch, then maybe having a virtual party is the way to go. Use social media to do something similar to celebrate a new product or service you are launching.  

Testimonials and Reviews and Social Media

If you have a lot of testimonials or reviews from a blog post, then make social media posts with a visual that quotes what the customer wrote. 

Using Evergreen Blog Posts on Social Media

Evergreen blog posts that did well are excellent ways to get social media posts without additional research and writing. Just decide how you want to repurpose them on your social media platforms and create posts and share. 

To Conclude

Social media does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. Repurposing information you used for blog posts makes excellent social media posts with a fraction of the work.  Whether you use it to make a video, visuals, tweets, or short posts, you will have excellent content that will help grow your social media and business.