You want to start a website, but don’t know where to begin? I’ve been inspired by a trending motivational speaker, that talks often about tapping into niche markets. And, I have invested the time to thoroughly research the topic. Considering the unique nature of niches, the details may vary, but the method is universal. Website building does not have to be intimidating, especially when you’re building it around something you are already passionate about! Get excited!

How To Start a Niche Website??  A niche website provides a very specific subject, product, or area of the market with a source for their particular interest. The steps taken are akin to those taken when starting a business. Building your site properly will ensure that you reach your audience and your goals!

Website building has many steps, but I’m going to break it down for you in this easy to follow how-to guide. We’ll cover all the bases from developing your idea to tips and tricks for developing a following.

N-Nail down a solid idea

I-identify your audience

C-content content content

H-hire out, if you have to


Nail down a solid idea

The first important step is all about being crystal clear on what your niche is. Organize your thoughts in a way that you can present it. The “elevator speech” method teaches you how to present your idea in a brief, yet clear way.  What’s your elevator speech?

For example, you’ve been following the comedy sitcom “The Office,” since it started. You know everything there is to know about every episode and the cast members, plus you own tons of Dunder Mifflin memorabilia. You even have a Dwight Shrute figurine, holding a bushel of beets from his family farm. You are the ultimate fan! Your website obviously would have something to do with The Office, right?

First step complete! Deciding on the details of this first step will help guide you through the next few parts of the process.

Identify your audience

Knowledge is power! Knowing who your target audience is (and is not) will be a key factor in your website’s success. When you know who they are, you’ll have a better understanding of how to reach them.

Your audience could be others that also share a passion for the show (The Office), actors/characters, specific episodes and/or memorabilia. These are your people. When building a site around a subject that you are well versed in, and are passionate about, follow your intuition. If you’re searching for it, your target audience probably is, too.

But, if you’re selling a product or offering a service to a niche market, you may start this process a bit differently. Try to define your ideal customer, and what your product or service will offer them. Do you have your elevator speech memorized? Now is the time to use it! Deliver your commercial with confidence!


Research reaps benefits! Put the internet to work for you. Search every single keyword and hashtag that you can think of that relates to your idea, and get familiar with similar websites that may be considered your competitors.

Look at it through the eyes of your audience members. Really study their content. How it’s laid out, what fonts, colors & graphics they used, how easy it is to read, what catches your eye, even what turns you off about the site. All of that information is relevant. This is where you’ll gain your advantage.

Now that you’re up to date & have seen what’s already been done, you can creatively design what right now may seem like random thoughts, into a winning website that you can present to the world. Take all the inspiration that you need from those other sites. But, be original, and be true to yourself! You are halfway through the process! Keep going!

Hire out, if you have to

Now, it’s time to take what you know, add it to what you’ve learned while doing your research, and blend until smooth. The goal is for you to develop unique content in a format that draws people in, keeps them intrigued, and returning for more! Whether you’re selling a product or service to a niche market or offering themed content, you’ll want to keep your website fresh.

Many people approach it with a do-it-yourself attitude, and thankfully there are plenty of website building apps out there, that are specifically designed for the first-timer. Some of them are even free! Like SITE123 or WIX. Check out your options, you may be pleasantly surprised how simple it can be.

Or, if you’ve decided to let the professionals handle it, you get the pleasure of handing the job over to them! Just be thorough when communicating your vision.


Keep in mind why you’re doing this, and enjoy it! Choosing the perfect domain name can be quite enjoyable, and it is vital to be seen and heard. Think of it as your home address.  It should clearly state what the nature of your site is all about. Your domain name could be very obvious, or this is where you may have to get creative.

Bust out the old paper and pencil. Write it all down. Brainstorm with your friends. Play on words. Take it for a test drive by searching to see if there is already a website with the same or similar name. Keep an open mind, because you may have to change or alter your domain name. Registering your domain name is a cheap item to check off, costs typically range $10-$15.

How do I acquire fans & followers, is the most frequently asked question by those just starting up. The bottom line that you have to keep in mind is, niche marketing is giving them something they can’t get anywhere else. So, chances are, they’ll discover you. Do you remember how you researched your competitors like a top-notch detective?

That is precisely how your audience will find you! Simple as that. Web searches, keywords, hashtags. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a guide to navigating the optimal way to getting the web traffic you desire.

Linking your social media accounts is minimal work, and will organically bring fans your way since they’re already in your network. Your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts will all feed your website traffic and vise versa. Close to a million new people use social media every day! Most of these platforms are free to use, too.

Some factors that contribute to a website’s success will be well formatted content, ease of navigating the site, color & graphics. The theme of your page may delegate color and font, but remember to use the best option for visibility & readability.

Remember that not everyone will view your page from a large screen, so keep your paragraphs short. High-quality JPG, PNG, or GIF images are best, and 72 PPI (pixels per inch) or higher is recommended for ideal screen image. Anything other than that may appear fuzzy or pixelated.

Set a goal! When do you want to have this site up and running by? Generally, websites take about three months, from the time you nail down your idea, to the time you’re enjoying your finished product. This is just an estimated time.  Don’t feel like if you pass the twelve-week mark that you’ve failed. The important thing is to have a goal, and keep moving towards it! Good luck!