Disclaimer: The site documented is owned by 2 of the 3 TextGoods owners. This post does contain an affiliate link.


This site was started before our journey with TextGoods began, and was our introduction to the blogging world. The first post went up February 3rd, 2019 and we wrote the first 100 or so posts on the site. We then started outsourcing and training our own writing team to do the heavy lifting for us.

We followed P24’s methodology and the site was featured on the Income School Youtube channel in December 2020. Check it out here.

All Content Comes From TextGoods

Every writer and editor that has contributed to the site has completed the TextGoods in-depth training. Our success comes from a combination of solid keyword research and quality content we are able to produce with our team. We have really been loving Keyword Chef lately, and have been using it to supplement our already existing keyword research strategies.

Posts Added the Last Few Months

The last few months, our site has been earning $10,000+ a month. We have decided to reinvest the majority of those earnings back into the site with the hopes that we can capitalize on our Q4 earnings. The majority of the articles added lately have been 800-1,000 word informational articles.

March: 57 articles added
May: 63 articles added
June: 51 articles added
July: 44 articles added
August: 130 articles added

As you can see, we really upped our production for August. We are hoping to consistently push out 200+ posts a month for the foreseeable future.

The site has a total of 924 articles.

August Stats:

The site has grown like crazy the last few months. It was up 11.72% July to August, and we expect it to continue growing as more content ranks. August was our best month since starting the blog.

Pageviews: 446,950
Sessions: 399,222

August Earnings

Ads (Mediavine): $15,474.59
Amazon: $2,127.09

Total: $17,601.68

Our Mediavine income jumped a good amount after turning on the universal player. If you haven’t tried it, you should!

$17,601.68 — What’s Next?

Our plan is to continue reinvesting our profit back into the site. We have about 5 other sites (2 monetized) that we will also be investing heavily into. More to come on those later.

Work With Us

Our writers and editors are thoroughly trained to deliver solid content that ranks. The success this site is seeing is attainable, and we are here to help you grow your site and earnings.

Stay tuned for the next Income Report, we are expecting big things in Q4.