Podcasts have become immensely popular over the past few years, with about 38% of the world’s population tuning in. Unsurprisingly, many blog owners are tapping into the market, adding podcasts to their pages. Should you add a podcast to your blog, too?

Adding a podcast to your blog is an excellent opportunity to reach younger audiences and multitaskers who might not be able to sit down and read your posts. So long as you can make the commitment and have a good topic, creating a podcast for your blog is worth a try. 

Are you thinking about creating a podcast for your blog? Keep reading to find out whether or not this is a suitable avenue for you to take!

6 Reasons You Should Create a Podcast for Your Blog

For the most part, podcasts are a pretty good idea! Overall, there are benefits to adding a podcast to your blogging routine:

Graphic of Reasons to Start a Podcast: 1. Helps reach a younger audience 2. Helps you reach the people who are always on the go 3. Adds a personal touch 4. Unique takes can increase traffic 5. Adds variety to your blog posts 6. Can be fun for you

1. Starting a Podcast Could Help Reach a Younger Audience

It’s estimated that 47% of podcast listeners are between the ages of 12 and 34. So, if you’re looking to tap into a younger audience, a podcast can be an excellent route to take.

How does this benefit you?

It’s pretty simple: the more listeners you obtain, the more traffic to your website. This can result in additional subscribers, increased profits, etc. Essentially, a podcast can be your gateway to a better return on investment or ROI.

2. Starting a Podcast to Your Blog Makes it Accessible to Busy People

Plenty of people opt for podcasts over blogs because they don’t have to sit there and read them. This is beneficial for two reasons.

For one, it’s hard for people to find time to read blogs in this busy and complicated world. With a podcast, they can pop in their headphones and listen to something interesting – all while they’re working out, doing chores, or performing other essential activities.

Secondly, some people just don’t like reading. They’d much rather have someone read to them. With a podcast, people who don’t enjoy reading don’t have to worry about skimming through texts. Again, they can pop their earbuds, turn their device on high, and listen to interesting content.

Additionally, a podcast is a great way to connect with your differently-abled users. Whether they’re visually impaired or can’t read well, a podcast will make your content accessible to them in a human way. Giving people a break from those robotic screen reader voices can truly make all the difference.

3. Starting a Podcast Will Add a Personal Touch to Your Blog

Although a good writer can add personality to their articles, it’s not always easy for readers to “connect” to the content creator. And believe it or not, connecting with your viewers is absolutely essential for several reasons.

Adding a personal touch – like a podcast – to your blog will form a bond with your viewers. At this point, they’ll be able to know the face – or, at least, the voice – behind the blog, building trust. 

In turn, people will feel more comfortable and excited to visit your blog. Again, this can equate to plenty of ROI on your end – which is likely the goal of creating your blog in the first place.

4. You Have a Unique Idea That Will Increase Traffic

There are over five million podcasts worldwide. Needless to say, that’s a lot of competition.

But if you have a unique idea, you can rest assured that it will increase traffic. 

Some niches you may want to avoid include true crime, book and movie reviews, news (especially celebrity news), advice, and health/fitness. These markets are oversaturated, and you’ll likely find breaking through and gaining traction challenging.

Oh, and here’s a tip: ensure you talk about your blog during your podcast shows. This will encourage listeners to check out your blog, which will also lead to improved traffic.

5. Creating a Podcast For Your Blog Will Add Variety

Blogs are great.

But if you have a wall of articles, it may be less appealing to some viewers. After all, variety is the spice of life – and the last thing you want to do is bore your viewers right off your blog.

The solution?

Add some variety – such as a podcast. You can cover different topics, bonus information on things you’ve written about, and more. You could even do “podcast special” topics that make listeners think they’re getting more – and it opens you up to starting something like a Patreon, where loyal fans can pay for bonus content. 

6. Podcasts are Fun if You Don’t Mind the Commitment

Starting a blog isn’t the easiest or quickest thing in the world. Many steps are involved, from creating a topic and name to creating the website. And that’s not even including writing all the content! 

With a podcast, though, you don’t have to focus on making everything look as polished and proper as you do in a blog post. If you know you can’t write well, you could hire ghostwriters for the blog content and spend your own time on the podcast!

While starting a podcast might be more fun, it may be more challenging. You’ll need equipment like microphones, recording and editing software, and other essential items. While these don’t have to be expensive, you’ll need to shell out some dollars if you want quality.

Aside from the cost of starting a podcast, you must also consider the time commitment. It takes a good chunk of time to put together a top-tier blog, from brainstorming to performing, editing to publishing. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to talk much, a podcast is out of the question.

For some, starting a podcast sounds more like a chore or a burden than something fun and exciting. If it sounds anything other than exhilarating, it’s best to avoid it altogether. 

3 Reasons a Podcast Isn’t the Right Choice for Your Blog

While podcasts are typically a good idea for blogs, they’re not always the right choice. Here are two key reasons why you should pass on podcasts:

Graphic that says: When it May Be a Bad Idea to start a podcast 1. You don’t have the time to post regularly. 2. There are too many podcasts on that topic. 3. The topic isn’t deep enough.

1. Time-Consuming

Although it might seem like you can just “start talking” and make a top-notch podcast, that isn’t the case.

Podcasts require a lot of your time, which can be difficult if you’re already spending a lot of time on your blog.

However, you can remedy this situation by outsourcing some of your blog tasks. For instance, you can reach out to third-party companies – like TextGoods – to handle your article creation so you can focus on the upcoming podcast.

2. Oversaturated Topic

If you’re planning a podcast in an oversaturated market – like movie reviews or fitness – forget about it.

Spending time on a podcast using oversaturated niches won’t do you much good. It’s better to focus on other avenues.

3. The Topic is not Deep Enough

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, you should make sure you have enough ground to cover. Traditionally, podcasts are 45+ minutes and can stretch into a years-long project depending on your audience. 

Podcasts often don’t survive topic switches. Your listeners know you to be knowledgeable in one niche. They share that interest with you, so making an abrupt switch could lead them to think you don’t care anymore. 

That entails picking something that’s both broad enough to cover for a long period of time, yet unique enough to help you establish a special connection with your listeners.

If you think you’d just like to cover specific parts of some topics just to supplement your blog posts, you’re better off creating a YouTube channel instead.

4. You Are Not Passionate About the Podcast Subject

Creating needs to be fun for you. If you’re not having fun, everyone is going to be able to tell. Think of it like a school presentation: were you ever given a topic you didn’t really care about? 

What happened? Odds are, you trudged through it, the presentation wasn’t engaging, and nobody really listened. 

The same will happen if you’re not passionate about your podcast subject. If you’re just reading off a script and seem like you’re checked out, your audience will get bored and click off. Not only is that bad for business, it’s a waste of your time that you could spend on a project you’d like better. 

Podcasts May Be an Excellent Addition To Your Blog!

Depending on the time you have available for creating a podcast and your chosen topic, a podcast can be an excellent addition to any blog. 

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