Responding to comments on your blog or YouTube Channel can be as important as responding to a post on your Facebook wall.  Engagement with potential clients or general audience speaks of your commitment to bring about the content people enjoy. Most people believe that no response is a response in itself.

While replying to comments is vital, there are some comments that do not require a response.  Knowing when to reply to a comment and when to avoid a reply is a fine line between audience engagement and avoiding time-wasters.

The following are scenarios that will serve as a guide in knowing when to reply to comments on your blog or You Tube Channel.

Reply to Those Truly Interested in Your Content or Video

People who are truly interested in your content or video are usually easy to spot.  They ask engaging and relevant questions or, their comments are encouraging.  Even if criticism is given, it is constructive and meant to be helpful for you or your brand.

Failing to respond to those interested could be perceived as uncaring or aloof.  This type of perception will cost you followers and subscribers.  Remember, your reply does not have to be lengthy.  Just make sure the response addresses the comment and takes on a friendly but professional tone.

One YouTuber states that he responds to all comments because he had made social media comments in which he was hoping for a reply but did not receive one.  Incidentally, Google+ gives high ranking to videos that have large responses.  Your replies to comments will build the engagement and raise your Google rankings.

Reply to Generic Comments

Some YouTubers and Bloggers are irritated by generic comments such as “Great post!”  Although these types of comments might not offer much substance, a reply, even if an equally generic one such as “Thanks for reading it,” will keep your rankings above average and keep your public persona friendly.

Other Examples of Generic Comments

  • “I love your videos.”
  • “Thanks for writing this post.”
  • “You’re awesome.”

Often, people truly want to interact with bloggers and YouTubers, but do not always know what to say.  Be thankful for positive responses even if they are considered to be generic.

Reply to Lengthy Comments:

While some YouTubers and bloggers might not appreciate generics posts, they do not necessarily want long-winded posts either.  Although it might be tiring to read after a while, responding to lengthy comments is tactful, and like the previous scenarios, will build your ratings.  People love to receive replies to their comments which will keep people coming back for more.

There are ways to respond to those extra-long posts, especially if you are unable to retain all that you read in the comment, or simply do not feel like reading all of it.  Remember, to be tactful and kind.  Some people are new to blogging and YouTube.

Tactful Responses to Lengthy Comments:

  • “Your well thought out comment is appreciated.”
  • “It is clear that you have much to say about this topic.”
  • “Your comment would make a great response post.”
  • “Thank you for taking the time to respond.”

Reply to the Comment that Makes No Sense

Should you run across a comment that leaves you confused, you can still respond.  Often, this is a great time for a generic reply.  Other times, you could politely ask your commenter to clarify the comment.

It is possible that your commenter did not plan a well thought out response, yet it is also possible that a spammer managed to get by internet security.  If this is the case, asking for clarification is fine, or that might be one you should just leave without a reply.

Whether the nonsense comment is spam or a sincere person, be careful about your reply.  Other people are watching your posts.  Many people can spot a spammer so the comment will be understood. If it turns out that the comment came from a person with no evil intentions, you do not want to negate your own reputation by being less than courteous.

Reply to the One Who Clearly Was Not Listening

Whether the comment was posted on a YouTube video or a blog, there are people who do not truly listen to what is being said in a video.  Usually, they do not take time to read an entire blog post before commenting either.  Either case is frustrating.

Senseless comments often reveal that the commenter failed to read or listen to the entirety of the YouTube video or simply did not understand.  Do not allow this to discourage your or cause your frustration to take over.  Politely ask your reader or viewer to re-read or watch the video again.  Truly, this scenario is laughable.

Reply to Constructive Criticism

Critics are all over the internet.  Some believe they are helping you while others are being somewhat disagreeable.  Constructive criticism should not make you angry nor should you cringe.  It is a chance for you to evaluate yourself to see if there is merit to what your critic is saying.  Constructive criticism is an opportunity to grow not only in your brand but also personally.

Most of the time, both YouTube’s and Google’s algorithms will put these type of comments at the bottom of the rest.  However, you should reply to constructive criticism unless the commenter is seeking an argument.  In such cases, do not respond.  You do not need to be caught in argument on your channel or blog.

Reply or Do Not Reply to Malicious and Nasty Comments

Constructive criticism is one thing while having a nasty or malicious demeanor is quite another.  Unfortunately, trolls are all over various types of social media.  Depending upon the comment, you may or may not want to reply to a troll. If you do reply, remain professional and avoid using insults.

Most of the time, people who make these types of comments are seeking attention. They want to stir up a harsh debate.  In this case, it could be best not to give a reply to avoid adding fuel to a fire which could burn your reputation.

Another alternative is available if necessary.  Comments can be moderated on both YouTube and most blogs.  If it becomes vital to delete the comment, then do so.  However, do not make a habit of deleting comments. Otherwise, your readers or viewers might think you accept no criticism which could cause you to lose subscribers.

Reply to Meaningful Comments

Comments that enhance your video or content are worthy of a good reply.  When thoughtful conversation is fueled, your blog or channel benefits immensely.  If your blog or channel receives loads of comments, hire someone or ask a friend to help respond on your behalf.  The more engagement you have with your audience, the more your brand will grow.

If you are unable to hire help or get a friend to moderate comments, it would be a great idea to mention these comments in your next blog post or video.  Giving shout-outs is an excellent way to increase your audience.

Reply to Most Comments

At the risk of sounding redundant, it is good to reply to most comments on your videos or blog posts.  Of course, some comments such as spam or trolling remarks might be best ignored, but most comments should be addressed because they bring attention to you and your brand.  You need the response of people in order to grow.

Reasons to Reply to Most Comments

  • Quality is added to your videos or posts.
  • Search Engine Optimization is enhanced.
  • More comments will come when you reply.
  • Your authority and credibility are built.