Are you a writer who wants a good proofreading tool to help you edit your pieces? Proofreading is an important skill, and since we live in an area that likes to move fast, an online or cloud-based proofreading tool may be ideal. 

There are many different types of proofreading tools. Some only check spelling and grammar, while others will check your content for plagiarism. In this article, you will find out the thirteen best proofreading tools you must have as a blogger. 

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is probably the most popular writing tool you can find. When most writers think of writing tools, they think of Grammarly. It corrects any mistakes you may have made while giving you suggestions and providing you with alternative words. 

You can use Grammarly to proofread your work in Microsoft Word and Google Docs. You can also check social media posts and your e-mail. Some of Grammarly’s stats: 

    • Grammarly free checks grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    • Grammarly Free has a tone detector to help identify signals in writing. 
    • Grammarly Premium has a plagiarism checker and citation suggestions.
    • Grammarly Premium has more advanced writing reports and AI detection.

Grammarly helps you with proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It provides valuable feedback and assists with style and tone. If you have Grammarly Premium, this sophisticated artificial intelligence tool also checks for plagiarism and is relatively accurate. 

However, it does not always catch everything. For that reason, you may not want to rely on Grammarly alone for checking plagiarism, although it is an excellent tool for proofreading. 

2. Google Docs

Google Docs has some awesome features, as you can use it on your phone. It is cloud-based and user-friendly. Google Docs is a great option for students. It is a free tool, so there is no fee expected. It is one of the best word editing programs. Google Docs creates, edits, updates, and has incredible features, like checking grammar and spelling, and it is great for editing short-form content like blogs and similar projects. It’s really good if you’re having help write posts for you – super easy to keep track of everything!

You can even save files if the power goes out and you do not have an internet connection. The program is free and gives you the most tools to use to improve your writing. It provides 15GB of free space for all Gmail users. It has a built-in citation and bibliography tool. 

Google Docs also offers easy sharing and collaboration, and it supports all different formats. You can add Google Docs’s latest features by downloading Google Chrome extensions, which allow you to modify your experience as a user. 

3. ProWriting 

If you want to dominate in the area of writing, this is the program for you. The free version of ProWritingAid allows you to access advanced writing reports like the ones you would get from the premium version. It can easily be integrated into almost any writing software or web browser. You will just need to let ProWriting know what type of work you are doing, such as an essay or blog article. Some of the best features of ProWriting:

  • Writing Style Report gives you advanced writing style suggestions. 
  • Uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to find every grammar mistake. 
  • Sentence length report helps with varying your sentence structure. 
  • Smart enough to correct commonly mixed-up words (like their and there)

This tool is so advanced that it even scores your writing and highlights awkward sentences. It looks for transitional words, like however, to ensure you are using them properly. It will let you know if you are repeating yourself and provides a thesaurus to help you find the best possible word to use. 

The only issue with ProWriting is that with the free version, you can only edit 500 words at a time. You should probably upgrade to the premium version if you expect to get some serious work done. It costs $20 per year. 

4. SpellCheckPlus 

This is not a fancy tool by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is a free tool, which makes it better for those who cannot afford to pay for any additional features but still need help with writing

All you have to do is paste the content into the editor. It will give you a free report of your spelling mistakes, and a list of suggestions concerning your grammar and use of phrases. Its simplicity is the most attractive feature of this tool. 

Anyone can use this, as it is an easy no-fuss program. The grammar score that is provided is also decent. This program does not require that you sign up or provide any of your personal information except for your content. 

It is a quick, reliable way to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. If you need to proofread your work quickly and effectively, this is a great tool to use. SpellCheckPlus has free and paid versions. 

5. Perfectit  

Perfectit is a Microsoft Word add-on that proofreaders and editors can put on their computers. Its aim is to ensure consistency in your writing and locate mistakes within the document. 

It saves a lot of time and effort on your part and is one of the best proofreading solutions you can use. It will also help writers and professionals proofread academic papers, business reports, and legal documents. 

This is not a spelling or punctuation checker, but it serves well as a proofreader. It also ensures there is consistency in your writing. You can download a free version of this program. It comes with spell checkers in several different dialects:

Graphic listing languages the Perfectit app checks in: American English, Canadian English, Australian English, British English, and

Perfectit is helpful for spelling consistency and has a valuable formatting tool.  It has a hyphenation and dashes tool to check for hyphenated and compound words. The main drawback is that this program only works with Microsoft Windows. This program costs $70 per year. 

6. Ludwig

This is an innovative proofreading tool because it is a search engine tool that allows you to look for phrases and how online publications have used them. It helps improve your writing and consistency. It is ideal if English is not your first language or if you are not as advanced in your writing. 

When you utilize this tool for searching, it will give you a list of suggestions from viable sources. It helps you write correctly and structure your sentences better. It can also bring clarity to your writing and assists you in paraphrasing your sentences. Ludwig costs $3.99 per month. 

7. Ginger 

Ginger is a proofreading tool that helps with your grammar, and you do not even need to be on the internet for it to work. This program excels at providing accurate grammar suggestions. It is like a professional grammar checker, as it is one of the best proofreading tools for correcting mistakes. 

It helps you immensely with your writing. It checks for the most common and uncommon grammar and spelling mistakes, saving you time and effort in your writing process. Some of the best features of this software:

  • Fast spelling checker, grammar check, and built-in editor. 
  • It provides a detailed report so you can track your progress. 
  • Offers suggestions about how to rephrase your sentences. 
  • It has a translation tool that translates into over 60 different languages.
  • Learning Center feature helps you become a better writer by learning from your mistakes. 

You can use this program on your mobile phone. The best part of ginger is that it not only tells you what needs to be changed but it also improves your writing skills. It will show you your mistakes, informs you how to fix them, and helps prevent you from making the same mistakes in the future. 

It helps with sentence structure, punctuation, and style, and it allows you to understand your writing better. The main drawback of this proofreading tool is that it does not have a plagiarism checker. Ginger costs $4.99 per month. 

8. Slick Write 

Slick Write is great for those who want to design SEO for their business. This program is a comprehensive tool with many complex features. Slick Write is a free proofreading tool that comes with a word processor, which helps you write new content. It also checks your writing for grammar issues and sentence structure. The grammar tool checks for:


  • Wordy or repeated phrases 
  • Excessive prepositional phrases 
  • Commonly confused or mixed-up words
  • Sentences starting with the same word 

A very unique feature is the quotes feature which helps you see where in your writing you are using quotes, and if you are using them properly. Vocabulary variety is another great feature of this software. It lets you know if you are writing on an acceptable level. 

The results are color-coded. Think of it like a stoplight: bright green means you are good to go, while yellow and red mean that you may want to slow down and look at the quality of your vocabulary and your writing in general. Slick Write is a free application. 

9. Hemingway Editor 

The Hemingway Editor is a great proofreading tool that highlights any weaknesses you may have in your writing. This program scans your document for anything that needs to be improved. Hemingway editor does not check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Its goal is solely to check style and readability. It focuses on the following:

  • Passive voice
  • Adverb usage
  • Complex words
  • Sentence structure 

Hemingway is not so adept in editing, but it checks the quality of your writing. It is not like Grammarly, where there are a plethora of options to check for errors in your work. It helps you to make better revisions and allows you to strengthen your work. Hemingway has a free version, but it also has a paid version, which costs $19.99. 

The free version provides copyediting services like the paid version, but the paid version has some additional features that can make it worth purchasing, like publishing features and formatting. It is simply a tool to help you polish your writing. The best part of this software is that it is simple and user-friendly. 

10. Copyscape 

Copyscape is a wonderful proofreading tool that checks documents for plagiarism and is very straightforward. Copyscape is a tool in which you pay a certain amount per word to get the document checked. Its software is simple to use. 

It does not come with a grammar checker, but it is adept at finding any plagiarism that may be in your article or paper. Copyscape offers a free service for unlimited searches, results, and other advantages.

11. PaperRater

This is an easy-to-use tool that many students use to proofread their work. It is also ideal for copywriters and bloggers. It does not require you to sign up or download anything. It is an artificial intelligence tool, but it does not write the document for you. You need to have a document ready to check and PaperRater will check it for you. The program offers a fast response. to any proofreading issues, you may have. 

PaperRater points out major mistakes in your grammar and quickly produces results. It rates your content and gives you suggestions to improve it.  It may be worth purchasing Paper Rater if you are writing complex or professional documents. 

You can get PaperRater for free or for $14.95 per month. In comparison, tools like Grammarly and Hemingway are more advanced and offer better features. 

12. Proofread Bot

Proofread Bot is a simple, quick proofreading tool for writers. You can use this program for free for up to 2000 words a day. If you need to check longer documents, you will need to purchase credits or earn them. Proofread Bot is an awesome tool for copywriters, students, and bloggers. It checks for the following:

graphic detailing the 5 features of Proofread Bot


This software is skilled and proficient at checking for complex grammatical and style issues. It is integrated with WordPress and Microsoft Word. The interface is user-friendly and offers support for users. Even if you are inexperienced with proofreading tools, Proofread Bot is easy to use. 

There are three plans: Basic is $15, Intermediate is $35, and Pro is $45. No signup or registration is required. ProofRead Bot is a comprehensive and thorough checker. ProofBot can help you become a better writer by showing you your mistakes in the hope that you do not make them again in the future. 

13. MyBib

MyBib is a free tool that allows you to create bibliographies and citations in different styles, like MLA, Chicago, and APA. You can copy them on your professional works and writing assignments. 

The citations are Harvard style, and it supports 30 sources and over 9,000 styles of citation. It offers a lot of features you need to help you organize your document. MyBib is owned by Chegg, the maker of the plagiarism checker, EasyBib. MyBib is a free application. 


Proofreading tools are important for polishing your work and improving your writing overall. They help you correct grammar, spelling, and other aspects of your work. If you are a writer but do not have a proofreading tool, give one of the ones mentioned in this article a try. 

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