YouTube is expanding at a breakneck pace. If f you’ve chosen to start creating online content, you might be wondering what makes a good YouTube video, how to make a channel popular, and what you should focus on and write about?

Content on YouTube should be high quality, viewer-friendly, and engaging. You should write about things you’re passionate about and feel that you can offer a unique perspective on making your content successful. 

Of course, there are other factors to consider when determining what makes YouTube videos appealing to a broad audience. If you want to produce videos for a long time, it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about the process and how to choose the right subjects to make videos on in the first place.

What Makes Good YouTube Content?

So, what sets apart a good YouTube video from the rest? You’ve likely seen hundreds of videos, from huge professional studio productions to small creators recording in their rooms. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, and even the most basic videos can be riveting and successful. 

A good YouTube video presents viewers valuable content in an engaging way. You can easily find entertainment from streamers playing games, captivating discussions on podcasts, and informative tutorials in just about any subject. However, the ones that stick with you are the ones that care about their audience and the content they produce.  Your favorite creators all have this in common. 

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What Should Your Channel Be About?

There are a lot of considerations when deciding what path your channel should take.

  • Is it something you’re passionate about? After all, you’re doing YouTube as a hobby, so it might as well be a topic you want to put the work into. If you don’t pick something you have an interest in, it can be very easy to get burnt out. 
  • How niche is the topic? YouTube is a platform that everyone knows about and uses. There are millions upon millions of videos already covering the most popular topics like reviewing electronics or streaming popular games. That doesn’t mean you can’t be successful if you follow those same topics, but you’ll have to do a lot to get noticed and stand out. Typically, more niche subjects are likely to be more successful.
  • What are your goals? Do you want to make a living off YouTube and be a content creator full-time? Do you just want to upload here and there as a side hobby? It’s important to set realistic goals and expectations when starting your channel up. Consider what you want your channel to do for you and how much you’re willing to work for it. 

To make the most out of your time, you should study various factors contributing to a successful YouTube channel, like the algorithm and the ideal kinds of videos to make. The YouTube algorithm prefers certain types of videos with attention-grabbing thumbnails and interesting content. Viewers liking and sharing your content will be a huge benefit to you. 

How Can You Make Your Videos Stand Out? 

One overlooked aspect of YouTube videos is the preparation and preplanning it takes to make your videos upload ready. Some additional skills to learn are video production and audio that will help your content look presentable and professional. Since you’re making YouTube content, you should also focus on a major area that some often overlook.

For a variety of reasons, writing your content should be a top priority. It’s simple to produce videos that sound nice, and millions of videos do it already, but many videos fail to deliver coherent, useful, and well written material. Those who succeed often do it by offering material that respects the audience and provides value for their time.

Why Focus on Writing?

YouTube can be a great avenue to bring written content to life. When you come in with a prepared script, you have laid the foundation for the rest of the video. You’ll have prepared what to say, you’ll know how the video should look, and most importantly, you’ll know ahead of time exactly what you’re giving the audience. If you take care of a good quality script, you’ll find that the rest of the creation process will come naturally. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a world-class writer to make good quality scripts. Many Youtubers don’t write their own content. Some have teams writing scripts and others have guidelines and rundowns prepared well ahead of time. 

Online blog posts and articles may help you get a head start by enlightening you on the topics you want to produce videos on and giving you a better grasp of the subtleties of each subject. These articles will help you lay a better basis for your future video material.

Make Your Content What You Want to Focus On

There are several ways to be successful on YouTube regardless of the type of content you make. Of course, no two YouTube channels are exactly the same, but many content creators that find success have a few things in common. They value their viewers, they focus on the content they care about, and they make sure to take the right steps to make their videos as engaging as they can be. 

YouTube can be an exciting platform to create content for. As the platform grows, more people are looking for YouTube to be their primary source of content consumption.  If you know what you want to do and have the right mindset going in, your channel could really take off and become the next big thing.