Adding imagery to a blog always makes the subject matter more interesting to its readers, but you need to be careful about copyrights. If you want to use images that are not originally yours in your blog you may be wondering how you can do so if you don’t have a copyright. Improper use of someone else’s images can lead to possible fines or other legal issues.

You cannot use a picture in a blog post if you do not permission from the owner. Fortunately, there are other ways you can use pictures or graphics in your blog that are completely legal and will likely help to create a stronger following because you are not copying work from another person.

To learn more about how you can legally use pictures and graphics in your blog without the risk of being sued continue reading.

How To Legally Use Images In A Blog Post

In this day and age, it is extremely important to protect yourself when posting anything online. If you are not careful a simple creative project can turn into a legal nightmare.

So how can you make your blog stand out with awesome imagery and not infringe on someone else’s work? The following list will give some detailed information to help you on your quest.

Ask The Owner and Say Please

If you are intent on using a particular image that you do not have the right to use the best way to get permission to use that image is to simply ask the owner of the image.

Depending upon the subject matter oftentimes, whoever owns the image will be more than willing to share it with you because it can also bring them some earned media.

Simply Citing an Image’s Source Is Not Enough

Many people think that they can use another person’s image as long as they cite where the image came from.

This can be a very costly mistake because simply citing the website on which you found the image does not give you the legal right to use the image as you see fit.

You need to consider that the website may have permission to use the image whereas you do not.

You also need to understand that the website you find the image on may not have permission to use the image either in which case you are both at fault if the original owner protests its use.


In some cases, a person can be sued for up to $150k per illegal use of the image in addition to other legal implications.

Generally, however, if an owner of the original image has an issue with their image(s) being used without proper permissions they will begin by asking the user to remove the image from their site.

If the person illegally using the image does not respond appropriately then the holder of the copyrights may take further action via legal channels.

For more on how you can add images to your blog legally continue reading for some helpful information.


So you tried to ask the original owner of the content permission to use it and have been denied. Or perhaps you were unable to locate the proper person to ask.

Either way, you cannot use the image you desire so you need to find a different way to add imagery and graphics to your blog. The following suggestions will help with this problem and keep you on the legal side of things.

Rely On Your Own Creativity Not Someone Else’s

The best way to ensure you are not sued for using someone else’s images or graphics is to create the desired images or graphics yourself.

If you like a particular style of photography or certain subject matter that you see online, go out into the real world and take your own pictures.

Do your own photo editing and create some awesome original works of art that will make your blog a true one-of-a-kind rather than a cookie-cutter site that looks like all of the others you see popping up at the top of Google searches.

Buy Stock Images From Legitimate Sites

If creating your own images or graphics is not in your wheelhouse or you just don’t have the time the next best way to add images to your blog without getting in trouble for copyright infringement is to purchase images from a legitimate stock photography website.

Stock photography websites can be great for general imagery however when it comes to creating a blog that stands apart from the rest, it is best to avoid stock imagery because you run the risk of seeing the same images used on someone else’s site.

Some examples of stock image sites that are popular are:

  • Shutterstock
  • Deposit Photos
  • iStock
  • Adobe Stock
  • Getty Images

Free Public Domain Images

Another way you can obtain images to use on your blog site legally are to search for free public domain images. Public domain images are images:

  • That once had copyrights but they expired so are no longer protected
  • Were never copyrighted in the first place which makes them public domain
  • Which are permitted to be used by the public by the original owner
  • That were published before the year 1924

Images that are considered to be public domain will have a particular mark identifying them as such. In addition, they do not need to be cited because they are intended for public use.

Carelessness With Copyrights Can Be Costly

Now that you know the legal implications that come along with using someone else’s images you understand that it is better to obtain proper permission or create your own images.

With so many copycatters online original content is more important than ever and will help you to stand out from the crowd. If you follow the tips in this article you are sure to create an eye-catching blog that will keep readers coming back for more.