Most writers have different ideas about how long it should take to write a blog post. It tends to vary based on motivation.

The time it takes to write and publish a blog post differs for each writer, as it is a very individualized process. Some people need more than one day to get one article finished and published, while others can write several blog posts a day.

The most important thing is not to drain yourself from too much writing. If you want to know how many blog posts you can write in a day, peruse this article.

Factors of How Many Blog Posts a Day

Many factors are involved in how many blog posts you can write and publish in a day. You can write and publish all you want, but for the content to be thoroughly researched and well written, you may need a bit longer to write.

The following are the factors that can influence how many blog posts you can write in a day:

How Much You Need to Research the Topic

It is common sense, really. The more you know about a topic, the less research you will need to do. For example, my area of expertise is animals, more specifically, cats.

For me to write an article about cats would not only be easy, but it would also be fun. I am not saying I know Everything there is to know about cats, but I do know more than most people.

Animals are just my thing. The point is that writing an article about cats would not require as much research for me as, say, writing about cars.

If I had to write about cars, it would probably take me longer, even though I could go on and on about cats. The time it takes to write a good article, first and foremost, depends on the amount of research involved.

Factors of Research

Of course, you also need to be a skilled researcher, in general, to be able to write a quality article. The research itself entails a few different factors:

  • Common knowledge versus what requires a more in-depth explanation
  • Knowledge about which websites are reputable sources of information
  • How to break down the information so that it is clear for the reader
  • How to put together elements of a topic to reach a conclusion

When I write a blog post, I generally look for trusted sources to guide me with my piece. What takes the longest when writing a blog post is validating my sources.

This verification means checking every possible source to ensure the information is correct.

Personally, I could probably write two or three really good blog posts a day, but I have also done four in a day before, depending on how many words the client wants.

It would probably be a challenge for me to write two good two-thousand-word articles daily. However, it also depends on the topic.

Familiarity with the Topic

 It helps when you are familiar with the topic to be able to write about it. For example, when you are writing about a rare medical illness, you will probably spend a fair amount of time researching it.

It may be something you have never heard of before, making it challenging to write about. If you are writing about something unfamiliar to you, it may take a long time for you to learn about it.

The more complex a topic, the more time it will likely take for you to write about it.

The more potential there is for the advice you give to mislead someone, or if you cannot accurately explain the information, the more time it will take to research the topic, which means the longer it will take to write a blog post.

Additional Stuff the Writer Must Do

Many writers only have the task of writing a blog post. However, many writers are also tasked with other responsibilities:

  • Coming up with topics-  It can take several hours every week just to come up with topics to write about
  • Blog images – You can make the images yourself, or you can pair up with a graphic designer to help you with the artistic aspect of the blog
  • Links – Adding links to your articles can take some time. Including links in your article validates the research  
  • Bullet Lists – As I am writing one now, it is time-consuming. It requires a lot of attention to the little details
  • Sub-Headings – Coming up with the proper subheadings may not seem all that difficult, but it does take time

Meta tags also take some time to create. Writing SEO-specific content can be time-consuming for any writer when they could just be writing standard content.

Metadata has become an essential aspect of modern writing, and generating SEO-driven content takes time if you want to do it properly.

All these are factors that can add hours to creating a single blog post, and publishing it is another story. Even the most experienced writers can take about four hours to write a complete blog post.


The more knowledge you have as a writer will determine how long it takes to write a blog post. At the start of your writing career, writing a simple 1000-word blog post may take longer, but by the time you have spent years writing, much of that becomes second nature. Writing blog posts gets easier over time; as they say, it takes practice to make it perfect.   

Squarespace Pre Publishing Instructions

Squarespace is an example of a website where you can write and publish your blog. There are certain things you must do before you can hit the publish button:

  • Write your post
  • Add an image
  • Optimize the post URL or link
  • Add a blog post excerpt
  • Add relevant categories and tags

Finally, you can publish or schedule your post. You may only need about four hours to complete the task. However, the length of time varies from writer to writer.


The amount of time it takes to write and publish a blog post varies from writer to writer. You may be someone who can write a blog with three or four two-thousand-word articles per day, or you may be someone who requires more time to write a great blog post.