Finding great content for your blog or webpage is essential to the success of your business. Knowing where to find quality freelance writers could be a difficult journey if you are unfamiliar with what writers can contribute and what they should be capable of. How can you find the best content writers?

Finding the best content writers is a snap when you make them come to you. Make them come to you by using a website that caters to hiring quality professionals with proven records of delivering quality content to their clients. Read on and learn which sites to browse for hiring the best content writers.

Where to Find the Best Content Writers

One of the best things you can do for your brand or company is finding a writer who can create marketable content, on schedule, with style and knowledge of the field. Writers who don’t work for a company are called freelance writers, and they are clamoring sites on the internet to create content just for you!

Upwork is the Place to go for Quality Content Creators

One of the best places to search for quality content creators is Upwork. They have an easy-to-navigate platform that allows you to create an ad detailing the specifics of your job and what you expect from the writers. Sites like Upwork are good for finding young talent or high-rate professionals, depending on your needs.

Upwork puts the writers on display and lets them shine. They have portfolio links and even statistics on their client satisfaction and how much they have earned on the site. Knowing how their satisfaction rate and dollars earned will give you an idea of how professional the writer is and how well they complete assigned tasks.

Scripted Allows You to Browse Writers and Get the Perfect Match

Scripted is another excellent place to search for content writers. They have a dual function of having writers in their stable while having access to freelance writers as well. That means you have your pick of wordsmiths to create the perfect content that you require.

Scripted works best for those companies who need to create several different types of content. Scripted is known for writing not only web content but also video scripts. Having a video to increase word of mouth about your site or product could be pivotal in going from a starter project to a multi-faceted web page.

A Site Like Constant Content Gives You All the Power

Constant Content works like most of the other websites. They have a large stable of freelance writers that will cover any content that you could wish for. Constant Content works best for those who have a broad range of topics covered by their site.

Constant Content does something that the other sites don’t do. They break down the writers into categories. This lets you know that when you hire someone to write a nutrition blog, they aren’t someone who learned about the subject that day. Instead, the writer has written in the field and can write with authority about the topic.

Text Goods is a Fantastic Site for Hiring Content Creators

One of the great things about hiring writers is that sometimes they come as a package deal. Sites like Text Goods work to take away all the headaches of being a project manager. In addition, they provide some of the best content writers on the internet with the business infrastructure to cater to any type of content.

Text Goods is a modern company that gives you all the amenities of a large publishing firm. They will pair your topics with a subject matter expert who will write with supreme authority about the topic while making the work readable for everyone. The best thing about them is that your content is yours forever. So you don’t have to worry about them selling your content. 

What Kind of Content Writer Do You Need?

Once you have chosen the right company for you, the next thing to think about is the type of content you need. While writers boast that they can write about anything, some topics require more than just a freelance writer with good research skills. In addition, you should know that there are different types of writers, each that comes with a specialty.

Some of the specialized types of content writers are:

  • Subject Matter Experts – SMEs are the ones you call when you need a deep dive on a topic or a complete reading guide. They are experts at specific types of writing, like exercise or carpentry, and can produce mountains of content in their areas of expertise.
  • Search Engine Optimization – An SEO is going to know how their article will impact a web search. They have a way with tags that breaks down a search engine’s algorithm and places their piece near the top. That means you get more flow to your page which means more money.
  • Brand Journalist – A brand journalist will be the person you need to produce fact-filled content that comes with little spin. You wouldn’t need these writers for products, as they concentrate more on concrete facts than a sales pitch.
  • Ghostwriter – You call in a ghostwriter when your regular content person isn’t available. The job of a GW is to mimic the style and flow of your page or product and recreate it.

The different types of writers allow you to hone in on the message you are trying to put out. For example, you wouldn’t want to have a brand journalist working on launching your new money-making venture while there are subject matter experts out there frothing at the mouth to give you their take on your product.


Finding the best content writers is going to require a bit of work and searching. While the platforms that allow freelance writers to provide their services have become cutting edge, it could be more challenging to have the right person for the job. Know what type of content you need before hiring a writer.

Choose a writer that has a proven record of performing the job you need. Don’t go with an unqualified rookie to cut corners or save some cash. Instead, use sites like Text Goods to hire the best writers working the market and watch your project flourish!