You are a blogger who is trying to get media credentials to access events such as concerts, lectures or situations where having a press pass would allow you to get permission to take photos or talk to people? If you are a blogger, this article has great information on how you can get required media press passes.

How to get media credentials as a blogger?

  • Bloggers can get media press passes for events or other press welcoming occasions by applying directly to the event organizer.
  • You can apply for your press I.D. at the event press office.
  • Organizations such as the United States Press Agency also issue press cards to bloggers.

I was a new blogger who went to a symposium on chronic pain conditions where I wanted to take a few photos and ask the speakers a few questions after it was over so, I told one the organizers I had a blog and would like to ask a few questions. She asked me for a press card but I didn’t have one so she said sorry but no. I wrote this article to answer some common questions bloggers have about press passes.

To Begin With, What is a media Press Pass?

Media press passes are credentials reporters are required to have to gain access to events such as lectures, professional symposiums, government press conferences, police situations, or celebrity-hosted events. Media passes identify the person who carries it as a legitimate authorized journalist.

Bloggers also need to be identified by event sponsors and security personnel and will be required to have a press pass just like reporters. A press pass will have your identification information plus, it will also list the name and website address of your blog as well. In other words, the media press pass is the blog owner’s and or blog article writer’s I.D. card.

Why Would Bloggers Need Press Passes For Their Work?

Most often, new Bloggers want to know why they need Press credentials to ask people a few questions at an event?  The reason is conversations with speakers are considered to be an interview and whether or not the blog owner realizes it, they are working as reporters or citizen journalists even if they just want to get a couple of questions answered from experts for the niche their blogs are based on.

There may be times blog writers would like to go backstage after a concert or play to interview actors and actresses in a play, or if lucky can catch the performer at a concert. Security officers still need your press credentials to verify your identity if you want access to a restricted area.

However, bloggers can take photos without press pass cards if you are at a sporting event like World Cup Soccer, the Olympics, a concert, or political candidate rallies. Besides, that rule would be very difficult to enforce where everyone snapping pictures all over the venue with their smartphones. So, in those situations, you are the photographer and the photos you take are your property.

Next, are situations where a blogger would need press credentials. These are instances where pictures are generally not allowed are events such as restricted speaking engagements, police situations, or government events where taking photos would need to be cleared by security first. They will also need press cards to park in restricted areas.

Where Can I Get Media Press Credentials or a Press Card?

Bloggers can media press credentials or press passcards, as most journalists may call them from event organizer press offices or sponsors by contacting them by email well in advance of the day the event is to take place. The reason is competition and applying early gives you a better chance of getting the press pass. Networking with your connections who are friends of organizers and sponsors can help.

Media press credential cards are available at the United States Press Agency and their press passes are recognized in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Other companies and organizations blog owners can get media credential cards are the International Press Pass, the US Press Corp Organization, and the International Federation of New Media.

Law enforcement agencies can also provide press passes and I know it sounds strange but not only can they provide bloggers press passes for large events such as marathons, festivals, sporting events and rallies but they can also issue car signs so that blog owners can park in restricted areas without having their cars ticketed and towed. Again, it’s best to apply early.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Media Press Pass Credentials?

Membership to organizations that provide press identification cards varies from place to place and most charge non-refundable registration fees. If you are using your blog as a business, fees are considered to be tax write-offs. Finally, please keep in mind that fees will most likely change by the time this article has been published but the most popular companies’ charges are as follows:

  • United States Press Agency charges $108 for the registration fee which is pro-rated depending on when you apply and the annual press card fee is $48. Their press cards have to be renewed annually.
  • US Press Corp actually has a deadline date of August 31 and they require applicants to become members of the International Freelance Photographers Organization but they have a one-time lifetime membership fee which is $89 and their press credentials are $99 renewable every three years and $9 for shipping for more information or to enroll call 1-800-654-9557.
  • International Association of Press Photographers charges a $108 one-time registration fee and their annual membership fee is $48 and has to be renewed annually. Their fees are also pro-rated depending on when you enroll
  • International Federation of New Media charges $69 for membership and press cards and for $89 bloggers can the membership, press card, and car sign. The press card has to be renewed annually for $58

What Do I Need When I Apply For the Press Pass?

You will need to register for the press pass online by filling in your name, address, all other demographic information and possibly some identification such as a driver’s license or state I.D. Bloggers will need to provide the name of their blog and website address for verification. Other items that are usually needed are your email address, and phone.

The US Press Corp organization is the only company I found where the blogger can contact to enroll as a member apply for their press card, and get additional questions answered as follows:

When Will I Receive My Press Pass?

As long as everything is received correctly by the press pass issuer, most applicants will receive their press pass credentials between ten to fourteen days for press passes through the companies listed earlier this article. However, If the events are concerts, political rallies, or certain conferences like those of a medical nature, or conventions, it could take three to four weeks to receive their press credentials. 

 What Are Some Cases Where It May Take Longer For Me to Receive My Press Credentials I.D. Card?

Depending on certain events, for example, political candidate rallies, it might take longer for the blogger to get the press card if The United States Secret Service feels it is necessary to ask additional questions for verification purposes or if they need to get security clearances for a writer. For these reasons, the best thing the blogger should do is apply as early as possible.

Other People Asked

How to get a press pass for concerts?

Networking is the best place to start if you know someone who knows concert organizers, publicists or the performer’s agent, ask them nicely and they could help get you in

Media pass sample email

A very nice professionally put together sample comes from Ben Eubanks at upstartHR

How to get a free press pass?

Contact the event organizer or sponsor. Generally, the event organizer or sponsor will have a contact form or link to get in touch with them. This contact information is typically found at the very bottom of the event or event registration page. Many event pages online will have a page specifically for Media which will take you to the right person or team for that event.