Writing blog posts for popular events is an excellent way to improve your blog content. However, events have a specific style that must be followed so that people get all the ambiance with your reporting. So how do you write a blog post about events?

Writing about events could be uncomfortable for people who aren’t good in crowds and shy away from getting out and mingling with them. Don’t let anxiety stop you quickly. Catch your breath and get back out there. So read on and learn how you write a blog post about events. 

Writing a Blog Post About Events

Writing about an event is an excellent way to get publicity about your cause and get in on some positive word-of-mouth action.

However, speakers are just a tiny part of what makes a good event, and writing for the event means you must ask yourself a few questions before beginning the assignment. Then, once you know the 5 W’s, you can start writing about your event.

Getting the Basic Info is an Excellent Starting Point

The first thing a writer needs to know about a subject is some background. This background can be anything from the event’s history to what they gave away as gift baskets in previous years.

The important thing is to hit the highlights on your basic info and give the people an attractive and concise but informative rundown about the event.

A few highlights to concentrate on the basic info of your event are:

  • Location – Where is the event taking place? Location is vital because they could plan an extravagant dinner in the city around it if it is a black-tie event. But, on the other hand, if it’s at the beach, they might schedule a few rounds of golf.
  • Purpose – Another big thing that people will want to know is why you have the event. Letting people see the event’s purpose creates a buzz and will make people attend the event to see what it is about.
  • When – Now that they know where the event is and what it is about, they will want to know when it is going down. Time can be slipped into the first paragraph with the location for a combo effect or left at the bottom to create a reminder.

Getting the information out to the people is imperative early in the write-up because it sets the time and place in their heads. If it is an advertisement, they can plan. Post-event write-ups will list the basic info while adding details from the event.

Write About Attending the Event

As writers, attending a formal function for company coverage is a great gig! There’s food and speakers who could be celebrities or sports stars.

But, there’s still work to do. Enjoying the event must come second to getting the facts and adequately describing the event.

Some details to include about the event are:

  • The Speakers – If you are attending a charity event, there’s a good chance they will have a speaker. They can range from a local chairperson discussing the issues to a movie star discussing their connection to the charity.
  • The Reason – People will often attend an event because of its reason. By writing about the event’s focus, you give the charity time to shine and don’t glamorize other people who are also involved.
  • The Food – Foodies love hearing about the spreads at charity and corporate events. There are often dishes by a famous chef or a buffet that features foods from around the country.
  • The Gift Bag – Some events are so expensive that they provide gift bags to the attendees. People go nuts for hearing what gifts were included in the bag. The gifts could range from simple swag from a company to weekend visits to some of the most elite spas in the United States. 

Attending the event could be a bad time, a night of listening to speakers drone about their glory days in sports or what everything was like when they were kids.

No matter your opinion on the speakers or the event, you must be honest about the events and what they do for their charities. Reporting requires honesty, not good taste.

Writing Post Event is the Final Step

You should get home and review the event’s notes and other media. It is not uncommon to take videos of speakers or get a few audio interviews of attendees.

A good writer takes notes and keeps their tastes at bay when doing their final write-up. Being negative could harm a charity’s chances of having successful events.

A few things to concentrate on when writing post-event are:

  • Notes – Your notes are the place to start. They should have brief descriptions of decorations and effects, like food and drinks. While still having interviews and bits of information packed inside them.
  • Media – If you are a multimedia journalist, you must go through all your media forms and choose the best bits for your story. This could be a lengthy process so choose the things that push the event in a positive light, if possible.

Going to an event can be tiring. If you can’t get in the work as soon as it is over, you should get it in within the next twelve hours.

Getting the facts straight requires that you take your job seriously and not overindulge or hit the parties afterward. Getting selected to write for an event is a privilege, and you never know what path your career could take later.


Going to events is an excellent article for a writer. There’s food and a purpose that is often a celebration.

Writing about the event will take some objectivity and a bit of research to gauge the audience, but they could also be dull affairs, so keep your wits about you.

You must include all the details of the event in your blog post. Consider everything from the colors of the tablecloths to the arrangements on the dinner plates to give your audience a thorough accounting of the event.