Developing an influential blog is much different than writing a personal journal. It must be tailored specifically for a particular audience and with Google constantly in the back of your mind if you want to get ranked. This is how you will drive traffic to your website, so it is essential to know what you should be doing from the outset. 

How you end up writing your blog is just as important as what you write about. It involves taking into account what Google and other search engines are looking for behind the scenes. Continue reading to learn about five key ways that you can end up getting your blog ranked more highly. 

5 Tips to Help Get Your Blog Ranked

Having your blog ranked is important to the success of your site. You will want to think through various strategies that will help guide you as you write each post. Consider the following five tips if you are struggling to get your blog ranked on Google. 

Write About Niche Topics

If you take the time to write a blog, you will want to make sure that it is meaningful to your readers. Instead of devoting your attention to a generic topic, consider looking for a niche topic that is even more relevant to your target audience. This will mean that you have less competition, which equates to your blog getting ranked higher as a result. 

When you are trying to discover a niche topic to write about, you need to go online. For example, instead of writing about guinea pigs, consider a topic that talks about why guinea pigs make great pets for young children. This will appeal more directly to parents looking for unique pets to provide their children with. You will find more traffic coming your way as a result. 

Write Longer Posts

The Internet is full of snippets of information that people can readily find. However, there are many times that a reader desires much more information about a topic. A short post does not do most topics justice. You will want to focus on longer posts that provide meaningful content for your reader. 

Long posts will rank higher with Google for many reasons. There will be more opportunities for keywords to be strategically used. In addition, you will find a place to use backlinks more effectively, which can also lead to much higher rankings over time. 

Make Sure Your Pages Load Quickly

Many blogs are filled with images and types of creative text that do not always load quickly. You will want to make sure that your site is not one of them. While images are fine, you need to ensure that your blog site is optimized and loads quickly. This will minimize the chance that a visitor will click away quickly because the page does not load within a second or two. 

Share Your Posts on Social Media

It is important to highlight your posts in other places than just your website. A great place to begin is social media. Make sure that you join networking sites that are popular with the audience you are trying to reach. Then, begin to use that platform to share your posts with everyone who arrives on your site. 

Sharing a post on social media has the potential to bring many new visitors to your website that would otherwise never find you. This is because your followers may end up sharing your post with their followers. This can result in a viral effect that puts you in contact with individuals not in your sphere of influence yet still arrive at your site anyway. 

Update Older Blog Posts

Most of your blogs can last for many years. You do not need to remove them, as people will still value what you have written. However, you should go back and update them from time to time. This is when you can add updated content that is more relevant to the modern reader. It also registers as a new post when you do, allowing it to once again rank higher in Google. 


How you understand what it takes to write an effective blog, it is time to consider how to go about it. Using a content writing service is beneficial because the writers will already understand what it takes to get your blog ranked higher. Whatever route you decide to take, the key is to follow these tips and write meaningful posts.