Writing viral blog posts can be a great way to improve your brand and add some excellent links to your webpage. Viral blog posts are rare and can make a writer or influencer recognition that propels them to the next income level or makes them a household name. So what are nine key tips to writing viral blog posts?

Knowing what makes a post go viral is a hard skill to master. People never know exactly what makes a thing go viral, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t looked. So read on and learn everything you need about key tips for writing viral blog posts.

Key Tips to Write Viral Blog Posts

Writing viral blog posts is a skill that can be improved with practice and homework. However, once you have a steady pattern of knowing what the post entails, collecting your info, and posting at the correct times, you have a fantastic platform to make your post go viral.

Become a Content Machine

You should increase the amount of content you create. You never know what exactly will go viral. The best defense against that is to create quality content on a scale that gives you several chances to cash in on another viral post or video.

Some ways to improve the content you create are:

  • Sourced Facts – If you are taking a stance on a subject, you must have a blog that is sourced correctly and fact-checked. People will trust your word if the truth makes your post go viral.
  • Web Design – If you are known for having a trustworthy site with an excellent design, your posts have a better chance of going viral. When your site is user-friendly, it ranks higher in Google searches—increasing your chance of viral posts.

Your content could be bland as regular oatmeal and still attract enough visits to be considered viral. If you have sourced factual information and a webpage people like to browse, you will attract more views than a regular page.

Controversy Brings Good and Bad Clicks

One of the most infamous ways to get a viral blog post is to make it controversial.

You see the videos all the time of people seething in the front seat of their cars, firmly planted on soap boxes, dying on a hill with no moral or tactical value. By writing or saying controversial things, you could go viral.

Using Comedy is a Fun Way to Go Viral

The best way to get something to go viral is to have a funny sketch or write a funny post. Comedy brings us all together if it is a joke that everyone can read and isn’t at someone else’s expense.

These jokes go viral because they are about something that is true or it is a funny take on someone’s life experience.

Writing a Useful Blog Post Can Make it Go Viral

Something else that can make a blog post go viral is its usefulness.

If you create a post that shows people a hack to improve their recycling or a workout that helps them shed pounds quickly, it will be passed around millions of times. Information is a fantastic way to get a viral blog post.

A few ways to make your blog posts useful are:

  • Do Research – Whatever you are touting should be researched and tested. For example, if you are trying a new Yoga block, take some videos and pictures of it. When telling a story, research to make sure it is described correctly and is factual, when possible.
  • Multimedia – People learn in different ways. By having more forms of media on your page, like video and audio, people will better understand what you are trying to say. Usefulness applies to all aspects of your page, not just the blog posts.

A useful blog will be revisited several times. Others will often link to the page, stimulating the number of people viewing it. Being a linked helpful post is a one-way ticket to the viral hall of blog posts.

Backing Trends is Another Good Thing to Try

When they are hot, trends are an excellent way to ensure you get more eyes on your post with the potential for viral status. For example, doing a blog post about a new dance or a video about a challenge increases your chances of virility.

Learn to Manage Your Social Media and Web Page

Managing the social media and websites run with SEO or Ads on Google will improve your chances of the posts going viral.

By paying attention to these two things, you can find out what influences your traffic and adjust them to everything you put out.

Perfect the Media on Your Website

To go viral, you need to know the types of media that will get you there. Blogs can be compiled of any kind of media, and knowing the ones that will help you attract the most attention is critical information.

A few different types of media to add are:

  • Interview – An interview, video or audio, is an excellent way to get soundbites that could go viral. You see them all the time in podcasts and other hybrid forms of media, and when a clip gets picked up by a large company, its chances of going viral increase.
  • Exclusive – If you have an exclusive story for your blog, there is a better chance of it going viral. For example, if you were invited to a famous wedding to take photos and do a write-up for your blog, it can be exclusive.

Different media types allow you to draw more than just typical blog readers. Having relevant media that covers hot topics increases the chances of being linked by a more significant blog that could make it go viral.

Use SEO Tactics When Choosing Topics

The topics you choose to write about can also impact whether or not they go viral.

By paying attention to what is hot and using those keywords in your title and the first and last paragraph of the post, you increase your chances of getting pushed into the top Google search results.

Don’t Be a Sell Out

Times are hard, and things might seem impossible if you are a writer trying to make it.

However, if you build a brand that is truly you and not backed by the pursuit of title or money, you will be on track to building a loyal following who will make your posts viral.


Going viral with a blog post is a great way to establish your blog and pave the way to making a living. Doing a few things to your blog can increase the chances of it going viral.

You must pay attention to other blogs and trends to have the best opportunity to improve.

Once you see what it takes to go viral, you can begin to weave bits into your webpage. By taking some tips from the list, you will notice that your post activity increases, and your posts become more visited and linked.