Everyone has probably read at least one press release in their lifetime, if not dozens. Does your company currently use press releases? Why are press releases important for your business? 

Press releases are important because they give a business a way to make announcements or retractions to a vast audience at one time.  They have played an essential role in public relations.  Companies need to take advantage of digital press releases to reach even more people going forward.

Businesses are learning new ways to use digital media and print media to extend their business outreach and communicate their messages to a much larger audience. Please read below if you want to learn more about why press releases are essential for your business. 

Press Releases Allow Access to a Global Audience 

Typically, in the past, businesses would use press releases in newspapers and radio and television stations to announce product launches, upcoming events and services, and other important messages. Companies still use print and live media for this, but now many businesses are using digital media to reach even more significant groups of people. 

Press Releases Shared on Social Media Reach More People 

Digital media allows businesses to reach millions of people anywhere in the world in seconds. All they need to do is write a quick press release and share it across social media and other platforms, and they can share the information they want to across the world. This allows businesses to reach thousands without sending the press release repeatedly because it can go viral through social media sharing. 

Your Brand and the Press Release

Communicating more often with your audience can help improve your brand as your readers connect with you and your business. With email and social media, you can alert people worldwide to changes your company is making with the click of a button. 

With print media, you were limited to how often and how many press releases a business could share. A company would mainly send them to journalists and hope they would share them.  With the worldwide web and social media, they can easily send out as many press releases as they want. 

Search Engine Optimization and Press Releases

When companies optimize their press releases, they increase access to even more people. When optimized with specific keywords or keyword phrases that have to do with your company, Google will direct them to your press release to read when people enter those words in the search bar. With proper SEO, people can access information about your business efficiently quickly. 

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Digital Press Releases Have Images Which Gets Them Shared

Unlike print media like a newspaper or radio that only has audio online press releases can have images. Visuals help engage viewers and make them more likely to share the press release. Digital Press Releases have to be shared to be effective. 

Viral Sharing Means More Leads

When you do an online press release, there is always the chance it can go viral. People share all kinds of things on social media. Print, television, and radio press releases could never go viral, gaining millions of shares. The more a press release is shared and read, the more potential for leads and sales for a company. 

Press Releases Can Boost Credibility 

When you write a press release for digital media, consider interviewing someone in a position of authority to gain credibility. A stakeholder, CEO, or Project Manager are all good choices. You can include a few quotes they said to further the credibility. 

Make sure the quotes are related to the press release and add value in some way, though. A business no one trusts will not get the sales it needs to succeed. 

Write Engaging Press Releases 

Make sure your headline will catch the attention of the audience. Make it easy for the reader to scan the release. Most people tend to skim through what they read before deciding if it justifies a read. The rest of the copy must hold their attention after the headline gets it, or they will quickly move on to something else. 

To Conclude

Press releases are one way to reach a massive audience without spending a lot of money. Press releases can help give your brand more authority and help give your business credibility. Press releases often get shared across social media and can even go viral, giving your company countless views over a short course of time. 

Press releases are a great way to announce a new product or service that your business has developed or started to offer. They can offer a way to let people know of special events either at your business or someplace members of your business will be. If a firm needs to address a crisis, it can be done quickly and build people’s trust again. 

Digital media has brought in a new era and made it possible to reach a vast audience worldwide in seconds allowing businesses to not have to wait to see if a newspaper editor, radio announcer, or a television producer thinks the press release is worth sharing or not.