Compelling product descriptions can attract readers. Helpful product descriptions can influence a purchase decision. If a product description works, it will let the reader know why they need the product and how it will benefit them. 

The use of product descriptions can take a blog to the next level. A superior product description is creative and engaging. They inform and help the reader understand why they must have a specific product. As a result, the blog becomes a helpful resource.

A product description is a tool businesses use to convey the features and benefits of using a specific product. They give the customer what they need to make an informed decision. Read the article below to find out if you should use product descriptions in your niche blog writing. 

How Important is Writing a Product Description?

Having excellent product descriptions will help increase revenue. In addition, a product description is used to inform and explain the value of a product. 

If a product description is successfully written, it might persuade the person to purchase the product. The idea is to solve or fix a problem for a customer. 

Many readers who go to a blog need a specific solution to a problem, and this will give you the perfect opportunity to show why this particular product is right for them. The description should convince the reader that the product they have just seen is the one that they have been looking for.

Poster with the words Strategy on them

If you can grab the reader’s attention and give them a merchandise depiction that entices them, your product description has been successful. 

Product description helps make the site look professional and sell the product. If there is a poor product description or no product description, the customer is likely to move on and not buy the product. Without product descriptions, your site will not be useful or capture the buyer’s interest.  

What is The Effective Way of Writing a Product Description?

As a general rule writing a stellar product description will include telling the reader what the product can do for them. Also, how this product will make their life easier, and that your product is in a class by itself. 

Tips for Writing an Eye-Catching Product Description

See below for five valuable tips that will help you when you write your notable product description. Know your product and tell the reader a story about it, including how it is made. 

Define Your Target Audience

Defining your target audience allows you to understand the demographic and know what that particular demographic wants. You need to know what products are of interest to which customers. When you are writing a product description, you need to ask yourself five key questions. These include:

  • How did the reader come to this page?
  • What is this reader interested in?
  • What would this reader say about this product?
  • What benefits would this person enjoy?

If you do not know your target customers, you should consider creating a “buyer persona.” A buyer persona describes your target customers, what they like, and how they arrive at their decisions. The above illustrates what a buyer persona is. 

Once you know your target audience, you will pinpoint what is preventing the customer from buying the product and how you may change that with your copy. 

A significant part of knowing and writing copy is understanding how your product helps individuals find a solution to their problems. 

Focus on the Advantages of the Product 

When you have a product that you want to share with the customer,  it would be good to list every product detail. However, this is not the case. Focus on the advantages of the product rather than the features. 

The feature may be necessary, but your copy should focus on the impact that the feature of the product has on the customer. This effect is because the attributes are exclusive to the product, while the advantages are conducive to the customer.

You should focus on your reader’s positive results from the product. Explain how the customer needs it to accomplish their goals. 

Optimize for Search Engines

Writing copy with SEO content in mind will increase your chances of getting the product to the right audience. Optimized content comes up more in the search results for applicable keywords and phrases. The more you enhance your subject matter, the easier it is for customers to find it when they search.

When you optimize your content, you will be more likely to have your answer appear in the answer snippet when someone searches for words or phrases that relate to the subject or product. 

Make it Easy to Peruse

Most people come to a blog not to read every word but to get the information they need and move on. Four key takeaways from this to make your next copy easier for the customer to read includes:

  • Use bullet points and headings
  • Bold print valuable information
  • Put the most significant information at the top of the page
  • Utilize pictures and video to give your reader a break 

Remember, good copy should not have to many blocks of texts. The content also needs to be consistent and easy to read. 

Use of Testimonials

The use of testimonials within your product description will enhance and help build credibility. When a previous reader recommends the product and tells how its use helped them, this will generate sales.   

A potential consumer will often trust the opinion of someone who has previously used the product. There is a purpose to social proofing in which the customer is searching for public opinion of the product to feel comfortable buying it. 


Product descriptions inform and tell the reader why they must have a specific product. They should be easy to read yet illustrative enough that the reader wants to find out more. If there is an affiliate program linked to the product a strong description helps with sales.

Regardless, by keeping the reader informed, you have created a relevant and useful article.