Businesses often use white papers to show their expertise in their niche. Other companies might use one to get a potential customer to provide their email address so they can market to them. 

In general, a white paper is a document or report discussing a problem and how to solve it. White papers are used a lot as a marketing and sales document that highlights a companies business processes or technology and how its benefits can help.

You may be wondering whether your business needs a white paper and what it can do to help your business. If you would like to learn more about white papers and how to use them to promote your business, read below. 

Information Presented on a White Paper

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One of the first questions to ask when reading a white paper is what problem is addressed. Is it relevant to you in some way? From the introduction itself, you should tell the main points that you will gain from reading the white paper. 

Next, there should be a problem statement that gives more information about the specific issue the reader is facing. For example, how does the problem relate to the product or service that the company is lining up as a possible solution? Does the paper state it where it is easily understood? 

Does the information about the product or service give enough information to help make a connection between the problem it is meant to solve and the solution? What is the product and its features? 

Next, how does the product or service offered help the reader? Is it backed up by evidence that supports the claims being made by the company that wrote the white paper? Is there quantitative and qualitative information that backs up the claims being made? 

What are the main points of the paper? 

After reading a white paper, the reader should identify all these specific things from within the report itself. 

What are Some of the Uses of a White Paper?

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White papers can be used as a case study. They are often short stories about the company and its challenges. It explains how the product or service helped them overcome it. It will be five or six pages and may be offered as a small ebook to the readers. This can be used as a lead generator.

Case studies are detailed and help the audience see themselves using the product or service to solve their problems. 

Sometimes businesses will use a white paper as a  reference guide. This is because white papers are usually filled with detailed information that guides the reader on how to improve their business. 

In addition to these, the white paper may be used as a marketing tool the generate new leads. For example, you may be asked to sign up for an e-newsletter in exchange for the free report. 

Who Should Write a White Paper?

A white paper needs to be written by a person with extensive knowledge of the product or service and has expertise in their industry. The paper should provide in-depth information on the product or service and how it benefits the reader. 

What Kind of Businesses Use White Papers

Almost any business may find a good use for a white paper. While a drive-up hamburger stand might not have a reason to write a white paper, a chain of fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s could have several reasons to write a white paper.  For instance, they might use it as an internal study to pass on to their franchisees on why this manufacturer is better to purchase fryers than others. Or it might be a study on how to make the drive-thru more efficient and productive. 

While the public will probably never need to read this kind of study, it would likely benefit all their franchisees to read it. So white papers can be used for internal as well as external purposes. 

On the other hand, a B2B or business to a business company may want to promote their new order screen.  They might write a white paper explaining why McDonald’s should consider switching from their current screens to increase accuracy and speed.  

A manufacturer of tires for your car might write a case study about why their tires are safer than other tires to promote to the general public to persuade them to buy their tires. 

White papers can be used in all kinds of businesses that want to market their services or products. 

To Conclude

White papers are a marketing tool that many businesses use to market themselves or their products and to generate leads for their business. White papers are documents that explain how a product or service benefits the reader somehow, making it a better choice than its competitors. In addition, white papers can help establish authority in an industry by the detailed reports and facts they share helping establish their brand. If you’re struggling with your whitepaper, think about if its worth it to hire a ghost writer instead!