Knowing when to publish a press release is just as important as the information contained in the release. Having the correct lead times for publications will set you on a schedule that promotes the event or product while showcasing the company. When do I need to publish a press release?

Press releases for breaking news should be released the same day. Articles or advertisements for magazines should be submitted three to six months before publication. If you are working with local media, you should have everything ready two or three weeks before the event.

There’s a place and time for all types of publications. Knowing when to drop a press release after a big news day or watching your business thrive because of your press release in the local news is thrilling, but not releasing on time can cripple your efforts. Don’t sweat it! Read on and learn when you need to publish your press release.

Perfect Times to Publish Your Press Release

Striking while the iron is hot is an old business adage that preaches the gospel of acting while the time is right. While this may seem reasonable for you, there are times when you should know that patience is the best option. Don’t release things before they are ready! Instead, use whatever time you have, an afternoon or months, to strike at the perfect time.

Publishing Daily Imperative for Breaking Stories

If you are amidst a press storm, you should have a release ready with any updates on the story. People are going to be interested in what you are promoting. If you have a daily schedule, some outlets will be chomping at the bit to get on the inside of your media blitz and push your product like the second coming of sliced bread.

Make sure that you are putting stuff out there that the media want to hear. Having birthdays and work anniversaries is a sure-fire way to get sent right to the spam folder. Take the time and write a release that covers everything the customer will need efficiently and readably. Don’t go out of your way with verbiage when just the facts will do.

Magazine Spreads Require Time for Proper Release

If you have a new product hitting the market with great graphics or a well-known one, you should have the release ready three to six months before publication. This allows the magazine to fact-check and nail down some loose ends like retouching photos or changing the headline font.

Releasing a magazine could require that you work with the editor. This means that you will have to bring your A-game to ensure what you want to say about your product or event is communicated effectively. Be concise and to the point. Even though the mag could have a large circulation, your release still needs to be direct and to the point.

Local Media Need Press Release Weeks Before Publishing

Even though your local media source could be within walking distance of your company, you should expect to have materials ready for them three or four weeks before release. This gives the local folks time to chat with you about where the ad will appear and give you some editorial advice on how often it should run.

Local media should be your friend. If you are a local company offering a new service or product, you should have constant contact with your local support groups and media outlets. Joining groups like the Chamber of Commerce for your city is a great way to harvest these contacts and make some great connections for your product or business.

Times are Important When Publishing a Press Release

The people in charge of pushing your press release are in high demand. They have to deal with you and other companies who are pushing new events or products that could be vitally important for their clients or companies. So pick a time in the day when they won’t be under email assault to send them your press release.

Choose an Obscure Morning Time to Publish

Getting the release ready for the grand reveal is just part of the battle. Knowing what times of day to put your press release out can give you a leg up on the competition. If you are the PR person for your company, not knowing peak times can get your hard work lost in the deluge of press releases that companies put out every day.

You should try and be a bit off-center with your time publications. You don’t want to send it to a reporter just as their email box is under assault from other firms. So pick an obscure time in the morning, not the top of the hour, to get the most effective push towards a media outlet’s inbox.

Some of the most often used times for emailing press releases are:

  • 10 AM – No matter what time zone you are in, 10 AM seems like the perfect time to get a morning press release out to editors. Ten works so well because most early emails have been answered, and critical problems have worked to the top of the pile. Giving editors a bit of extra time could mean the difference between publication and failure.
  • Lunch – Most editors are going to be around their computers at lunch. Their demanding schedule means that during lunch, you could fire off a concise email that makes it to the top of their to-do list.
  • 2 PM – A press release that comes out at 2 in the afternoon is great for those late-in-the-day events. If you are having a midnight fundraiser or late-night give-aways, using a later slot in the day will hit the after-hours crowd much more accessible than a morning release. 


Knowing the lead times and prime hours for submitting your press release could help get your message out much more accessible. You should always check the publications you are working with to ensure that materials needed for upcoming issue releases are submitted on time and checked for errors.

Press releases should be published daily if you are dealing with breaking news. Magazines will have lead times that must be months before it ever hits the stands. Online publishing should happen in sequence with the other releases. Be in contact with publishers to see when the best times are for you to get your press release featured on their site or in their publications.