You have finally started a blog, but the website traffic numbers are seriously lacking. You want to figure out what keeps your blog from getting readers and catapulting you to internet fame and fortune. There might be many explanations why your blog is not jiving with a core audience.

You need to take a step back and look at your blogging skills. If you want to know nine reasons why your blog posts are not getting views, you have come to the right place.

Why Your Blog Posts Are Not Getting Traffic

Do you think you are doing all the right things and still not getting views on your blogs? You are not alone. Countless writers struggle with this issue.

There may well be distinct reasons why this is taking place. The following include some of the common reasons why your blogs may not be getting the traffic you feel that they deserve:

You Are Missing Your Target Audience

You may not be attracting people to your blogs because you have not hit your sweet spot, which would be your target viewers. For example, if you write a blog about fashion, you want to create something specific, current, or niche.

If your goal is to target women between the ages of twenty and thirty, you can blog about what shoes to wear with leggings or why little black dresses will always be in style.

You do not want to be an aimless blogger. Produce subheadings and bullet points that pertain to the topic and will interest your readers.

You need to define who your audience is and go for it. You want to have a working theme for your blog. The main rules of targeting an audience are to:

  • Find a problem
  • Present a question
  • Look for a solution  
  • Give an answer

You need to understand your audience before you start blogging. Show the reader that your blog is the best place to get an answer to their question. Make sure you choose topics that your target audience will care about.

You Do Not Yet Have a Following

You cannot expect much traffic unless you have a strong following. Having a following takes patience and time. People do not yet know how impressive you are as a blogger.

It can take months of producing high-quality blogging material to inspire an audience’s devotion and loyalty. You may also need to do a bit of promotion to garner attention for your blog, which can increase traffic.

Your Posts Are Not SEO Content Driven

The purpose of creating SEO-driven content is to help your blog to achieve a high rating in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization is essential to increase traffic to your blog.

You want to ensure that SEO content is organic and thoughtfully done with your target audience in mind. You do not want to produce SEO content that seems forced or causes Google penalties that will be too challenging for them to come back from.

SEO content is ranked by its usefulness and relevancy to the topic. It needs to be organized well, or else you will not generate the high traffic you want to get to the top.

Use original research and speak in a voice that your readers will understand.

You Do Not Make Your Blog Fun

You want to make your blog content fun by connecting with your audience using a conversational tone, and you can even bring humor to keep it interesting.

People notice someone with a personality and will certainly appreciate it if you have a good one. You want to be:

  • Entertaining
  • Informative
  • Amusing
  • Relaxed

You also do not need to be so matter of fact with your information and spout facts like a robot blogger. Instead, be relatable, and most importantly, do not be afraid to be yourself.

Your blog should show your readers that you are someone worthy of their time.

You Are Not Taking Advantage of Marketing Tactics

When you take advantage of marketing tactics, you have a better chance of acquiring a bigger audience. You want to keep up with other bloggers who use marketing strategies to promote their blogs. The following are suggestions as to how to do this:

  • Develop landing pages and accumulate e-mail subscribers
  • Utilize Twitter for the promotion of new posts
  • Create videos and use video marketing
  • Design infographics and promote them
  • Use Instagram to get new users to check out your blog
  • Be active on a Facebook page

When you use e-mail marketing, you can develop an e-mail list and get consistent traffic from e-mail subscribers. E-mails can be used to help you create relationships with your readers to get them to become loyal and faithful readers.

You Do Not Have a Clear Vision of Your Blog

It would help if you had some goals when starting a blog. Is the aim to help people, or is it strictly for entertainment? Do you want to attract a wide range of people or have a niche audience?

It is entirely up to you however you want to proceed. Have a sharp vision of your blog and define your goals. You may also want to produce an action plan to accomplish those goals.

You Do Not Use Great Images

Using great images in your blog post can go a long way toward boosting your blog’s traffic. Images add to the reader’s experience.

Any blog can benefit from fantastic imagery, and it is a clever idea to use real photographs and images in favor of graphics or illustrations.

You also need to ensure you have the right to use the images. You can purchase photos on Shutterstock, which will be yours to do with whatever you wish. The very last thing you need is to be in jeopardy of a copyright violation.

Poorly Written Content  

If you are good at writing content, the proof will be in your readership value. If you draw in many readers, it means you have written something worth reading.

However, if your content is not so great, it will be evident by the lack of users that come to your blog. You can make your content better with the following simple fixes:

  • Use short paragraphs
  • Use bold and italics
  • Bullet lists (like this one!)
  • Photos or images

You must also support your research with proof, sources, and links. Remember that if your content lacks quality, you will not attract readers, no matter how impressive your marketing strategies are.

You Are Not Unique Enough

This concept may seem trivial, but it will be boring for your readers if you have the same information as twelve other blogs. You want to be a little different.

It may be redundant and unoriginal or how you present your research, but sometimes blogs are too uniform and lack creativity. You want to choose unique topics readers cannot get from any other blog.


There are many reasons why your blog posts may not be getting any views. You might not be reaching your target readers, you may not be using images, or your blog is not captivating the reader’s attention.

Whatever the case, your blog is not generating traffic, and you need to figure out why. You want to create as close to a perfect user experience as you can and always keep it fresh and interesting.