There are some significant benefits to having more than one blog. You can become the authority on various topics. You can also experience an income boost and reach more people interested in reading your words.

You will improve your writing skills when you have more than one blog. If you want to know ten things about having more than one blog, peruse this article.

What Should I Know About Having Multiple Blogs?

Blogging is not just fun; it is a lucrative business. When you have multiple blogs, you allow yourself to have more of an online presence.

If you want multiple blogs, you should know how to manage them and how having numerous blogs can benefit you. The following include things you should know about having more than one blog:

You Can Have Variety

When you write for more than one blog, you have variety and learn about various things. For example, you could write for one blog that features many different topics or about a specific niche, like animals, parenting, or sports.

You get to create content that can benefit even more people because when you cover a wide range of topics, including niche topics, you get to have an impact on different groups of people.

You can also choose which blog you want to have your face on, which one can be more low-key, and which one you want to be branded more personally.

If you brand them all and do the work yourself, it will be far more challenging to keep them both running, and if you have more than two blogs, it is even more demanding.

However, if you have a few blogs, you can have even more fun. It is up to you if you want to get more involved in any of them.

Keep Them Updated  

When trying to boost traffic to each blog, you need to make minor, frequent updates to them instead of adding all new content. It is easier, and it keeps the readers interested.

You also want to ensure that people do not find more current information on other blog articles that are newer than yours.

You want to keep the current readers updated and provide the correct information to any new readers you may get. If visitors come to your blog and discover outdated information, they will likely leave your site immediately.

Updating your blog will take less time, but you still benefit from having fresh, current information.

One Place Can Be Professional One Can Be Fun

Many people have two blogs where; one is professional, and one is strictly for yourself. You can have the benefit of producing serious content that can have a serious impact on a group of people and another one that talks about fun or silly things:

  • Dogs in cute outfits
  • Different cat breeds
  • The best desserts to have with wine
  • The weirdest ice cream flavors

You can blog about anything you want as long as there is an audience. You can enjoy yourself more if you have the best of both worlds.

You Could Increase Your Revenue

Increased revenue means that you will be seen more by internet users. Your presence will be more visible, and you could be approached for ads, paid reviews, and sponsorships.

You will reach more people that want to hear from you. You will be targeting more people interested in your brand, which means you will have a better chance to increase sales.

Cross Promotion Can Help Both Sites

You may be able to promote content from one site to another. You can break down the content into different parts. Split the content between blogging sites.

This split will typically only work when you have similar content on each blog, so avoid doing this if your blogs do not align purposes with one another. Cross-promotion is an easier task than repurposing.

You Get to Diversify

 Many people feel safer with a second source of income. Having multiple blogs gives you more than one way to make money; if you can make money by doing various things, you should.

You not only make more money, but you will be able to achieve your goals, especially if you want to be more creative and explore different topics.  

It also helps to diversify because you may blog about a specific niche, like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, or a popular Marvel movie. It is easy for things to become unpopular or outdated, which is why having more than one blog might pay off in the end. 

Make More Connections with People

When you have more than one blog, you can meet great people through the internet by branching out into other blogs. You will also meet people if you choose to hire a team of people to help you with your blogs:

  • Other writers
  • Editors
  • Designers
  • Webmasters

The internet is a way to connect with people. When you have different blogs, you will have the unique ability to network with people.

Instead of living a lonely life as a solo writer, you can experience the feeling of being part of a team, building excellent working relationships, and sometimes even lasting friendships.

You Will Have More Credibility

When you have more than one blog, it can give you added credibility. If people see that you have multiple blogs, it can give them a sense that you are the authority to come to for any questions about those particular subjects.

For this reason, you may be seen as trustworthy by different people. You may also get a higher readership value as a bonus.

Brand Reliability

If you have a couple of different blogs, you can create your brand with your own blogs, which can be immensely useful with rankings and search engines.

It means that you can utilize your power and your online presence to help your blogs expand further. You can confirm yourself as a brand and show your audience that you create many types of quality content.

You Can Become a Better Writer

Blogging about different subjects lets you have knowledge in many areas, which will translate into your writing. Learning to write about various topics will give you a better writing experience, which means you will become a better writer.

Before your blog can make it big, you will be writing most of your content. The more content you produce daily, the more your writing will improve.

Your readers will be able to witness the change, and your reader circulation will grow. Becoming a better writer can open doors for you to write books and have an even wider audience.


Multiple blogs can give you significant advantages, especially if you want to boost your readership. When you consistently produce top-quality content, it is easy to get more web traffic, and your chances can double with multiple blogs.