Content writing for affiliate marketing seems like it might be complicated to someone just getting their foot in the door. It’s touted as being really important for monetization, yet it’s a lot harder to find someone explain how to go about doing it well.

Thankfully, this article is here to show it’s not too difficult. So be sure to keep reading for some affiliate marketing tips and content marketing ideas.

Be Honest

As far as affiliate marketing tips go, one of the most important ones is to be honest. That includes any relevant personal experience or even negative reviews. When working on affiliate marketing content, income is generated based on people clicking personalized links and making a purchase. People are more likely to make a purchase if they feel they have an honest review from a trusted source.

Make Frequent, Quality Posts

Article writing for affiliate marketing really should be done on the regular. This doesn’t mean to post every day, especially if that ends up with rushed, burnt out, and low-quality content. Be frequent enough to keep readers interested, but make sure there is still good quality. Being able to find some sort of consistency is good too, such as posting on the same day of the week so the reader base can start to expect it.

It might also be worth considering hiring freelancers or a content writing service such as Text Goods to help get enough quality content without burning out an individual writer. This also helps with generating content marketing ideas!

Don’t Force it

Nothing is more annoying than trying to read a post that constantly shoves it into the reader’s face to buy something if that’s not what they’re looking for. Make it more natural in context and plug it in when it feels appropriate. That will get a far better reception than spamming it all over the place.

Master SEO

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and is critical for getting content recognized and shown off by Google and other search engines. Mastering SEO helps to appease the algorithm and usher in more traffic to the content being presented, which in turn converts into sales through content affiliate marketing.

Here are some of the most important parts of SEO:

  • Focus Keyphrase(s)
  • Keyword Research
  • Text Readability
  • Content-Length
  • Eye-Catching Headings
  • Include Internal and External Links
  • Include the Title in the URL

If SEO is a struggle, consider looking into content writing services, such as Text Goods, or extensions, such as AIOSEO, for WordPress. These are useful tools that are well worth the extra aid to get quality affiliate marketing content. Content writing services can help increase the number of articles on your blog, which is good for SEO!

Include Images

Images can really help article writing for affiliate marketing. It shows the product being mentioned, helps create recognition, and also helps with more visually inclined readers. It’s best to always have at least a header image to draw in potential readers but adding some more where appropriate can also really help elevate the content writing for affiliate marketing from good to great.

Be extra careful with images: you need to have copyright free images. Otherwise, you could find yourself in legal trouble. Images play a big role in optimization, too. 

Structure Appropriately

There’s a reason that most content writing services or popular blogs look similar to each other. They have finely crafted their structure and style guides to reflect how readers will best interact with websites. This isn’t being unoriginal or lacking style; it’s using tools and data to appropriately structure content for the best possible results.

Here are some points to help appropriately structure content:

  • Using Headings, lists, and tables
  • Short sentences with varied starts
  • Consistent style
  • Easy to read colors and fonts
  • Cut out unnecessary fluff

Simply following a tried-and-true structure makes it infinitely easier to get content out that readers can effectively engage with, and thus helping to boost conversions through affiliate marketing.

Pick Appropriate Affiliates

While it can be tempting to just apply to every affiliate out there in hopes of generating income, it’s better to be a bit pickier and more specific to the content. Amazon is a popular choice because, while they aren’t the best paying, everyone recognizes them and pretty much everyone can utilize them. Having some other specialized affiliates are good ideas as content starts getting more popular though in order to increase revenue streams.


Writing content for affiliate marketing is a stressful thing when starting out. There’s so many factors and things to worry about when starting up a new blog that everyone harping on the need to be good at it makes it even scarier.

Thankfully, it really isn’t all that difficult to get a grasp on once the initial fear of content affiliate marketing has passed. It’s mostly appealing to Google’s algorithms and utilizing tools and data available. Worst case scenario is to hire a content writing service like Text Goods to write the content for the blog so other details can be focused on.