The buyer’s guide is an excellent tool for your website, as it provides the customer with the necessary information to make a purchase decision. You want to think about hiring a content writing company, like Text Goods, to help you create the best buyer’s guide for your customers. 

To write a buyer’s guide, you need to appeal to your target audience, get inside the mind of the potential customer, keep it simple, and utilize the keywords that will get the searches your website needs to be a success. A buyer’s guide is good customer service. 

The more educated the person is, the more likely they will make an informed purchase. They will not just be browsers but loyal customers. You can easily have a content writer accomplish this. The nature of SEO-based content writing is that it was created to capture the attention of your unique target audience and keep it. The following includes how to write a buyer’s guide:

Know Your Target Audience 

Understanding whom you target is essential to creating a buyer’s guide. If you want to write a buyer’s guide, you must find your ideal audience. You need to ask the right questions:

  • Who is purchasing this product?
  • What do they want?
  • What is the problem they need to solve?
  • What are their interests and hobbies?
  • What does the customer value most?
  • What would make them choose my product over my competitor’s?

You should have the answers ready and then put together your buyer’s guide. You can use social media and surveys as a tool to help you find the right audience for your product. As new trends appear, your audience may change. You must conduct thorough and current research to know your target audience.  

Think Like Your Potential Customers 

To go deep into the potential customer’s mind, you may need to conduct digital analytics to gain more information about their interests. Scan Google analytics to find out the interests of your target audience. You may need to perform deep research to get the information. Think like your potential customer, and make sure you do your homework.  

Make it Easy to Read

Most people who read online are scanners, meaning they look for the gist of the article rather than the article as a whole. You can always utilize affiliate website content writing, which features products within the content that customers can purchase online immediately. Content writing services can help you find the ideal places to put affiliate links, like Amazon. 

There are some ways you can make reading faster and more efficient for customers:

  • Put the most relevant information at the beginning of the article
  • Sentences should be short, between 15 and 20 words maximum
  • Bulleted lists help readers scan through the text quickly
  • Relevant images are interesting and helpful to customers

You can use images and videos to break up the text. Always make reading easy for the customer. If the customer struggles to read the buyer’s guide, they may look for your competitor. 

Choose Format and Layout 

You want the information to flow naturally. The text needs to be relevant to the format and layout of the buyer’s guide. There are different types of buyer’s guides:

  • “How to” puts shopping steps in the natural order
  • “If then” allows the most critical decisions to be made first
  • “Features-based” places key features that provide the most benefit toward the  top
  • “Side by side” least expensive to most expensive from left to right 

The approach depends on the format. For a side-by-side buying guide, create a table to summarize points. You should also have a straightforward title for your buyer’s guide.

Link to Category Pages and Products 

Always link to category pages and products. Create links to products within the sections of your product buying guide. It makes it easier for the customer to purchase. Make the anchor text the category or product name.

Each valuable link you create can help build SEO. To make sure your links and information are as valuable as possible, make sure that your product descriptions are accurate. 

Use Keywords Organically 

People search engines like Google for the run-down on new products. Using a content writing company to help with search engine optimization can drive more traffic to your website. When you write a buyer’s guide, your ultimate goal is to rank well.

If Google or any other search engine thinks you’re keyword stuffing, that could seriously hurt your SEO and, therefore, your chances of ranking. 

Add Call to Action 

The point of the buyer’s guide is to encourage a purchase. When you have strategically placed CTA’s in your buyer’s guide, it can help improve conversion and sales. You can put the CTA at the end of the buyer’s guide. Direct the customer to the right page after reading the buyer’s guide.  

 A well-placed buy now or shop now button is the best example of a call to action. A great call to action effectively guides your customer to the correct page for immediate purchase. CTA may motivate the customer. You should also invite the customer to contact you with questions. 

Be Honest 

Over and above getting a sale, you should always be honest with the customer because it builds trust and inspires loyalty in the customer. Speak to the customer directly. Keep the focus on accurate information, legitimate reviews, and honesty.

Never lie to the customer about a product to get a one-time sale. If you clearly tell the truth, it will make the customer want to do business with you. If you are not honest with the customer, you will likely not gain long-term business. 

Why Do You Need a Buyer’s Guide? 

Buyer’s Guides help you improve customer service, build trust with the customer, and it helps with search engine optimization. Buyer’s guides also strengthen an e-commerce content strategy, which helps to boost sales. Buyer’s guides help demonstrate the specifications for a specific product:

  • Functionality
  • Maintenance
  • Price
  • Size 

A buyer’s guide also describes the different features between models or brands. The primary purpose of the buyer’s guide is to educate the customer about the products. 


No matter what you sell, a buyer’s guide can help you bring more traffic to your website. They also help customers make better decisions, improve conversion rates and boost revenue. It is a win-win for both you and the customer.