How to Pick a Blog Post Topic that Gets Readers to Click on Your Link

How to Pick a Blog Post Topic that Gets Readers to Click on Your Link

If you are interested in creating better blog post topics to generate more traffic, there are many ways you can accomplish this. You want to develop a relationship with the reader, and part of that is providing them with the topics that interest them. 

If you want your blog post topic to get your readers to click on your link, you should create a headline that will catch the attention of your target audience. You should also provide the reader with relevant information that pertains to your niche. It is essential to answer the right questions. 

You may want to refer back to past blog topics that generated interest. If you want to know how to select a blog post topic that gets readers to click on your link, peruse this article. 

How to Pick a Blog Post Topic

The topics that readers tend to click on give the reader some idea of what they are about to read. It is clear and to the point. You should consider many factors when picking topics to write an article about. It may not be easy to find blog topics, so choosing the best topics to blog about is essential. The following includes some ways you can get the reader to click on your link right away:

Let the Reader Understand What They Can Expect 

The reader needs to know what they are about to click on. You should make the topic something the reader feels compelled to click on. 

For example, if you are writing a pet blog and you are writing about Maine Coon cats, you want Maine Coon cats to be included in the title so the reader knows what they are getting into. 

You need to know how to find blog topics that tell the reader the article’s main idea. Check the internet for inspiration. When you find blog topics you want to write about, make sure the article’s title is interesting and makes sense with what you want to write. 

When picking a blog niche, you will need to put yourself in the reader’s shoes. 

Devise a Headline with a Story

When you give just enough away to make the person want to read the story, you have struck gold. The best ideas for articles reveal a little about what the person will be reading and the story they will be told. The headline should grab their attention, and the teaser should be minimal, yet enticing. 

You want to put a little thought into it so you do not inadvertently give too much away. You want it to be just enough to get the reader to click on your link.

Give Relevant Information  

Relevancy means that you are focused on your target audience and your niche. The narrower your niche, the better you can create relevant information surrounding the topic. 

You want blog topic ideas that you can build a great article around. For example, if you are in the cat niche, you want everything to be about cats. Some examples:

  • Healthy cat food
  • Various cat breeds
  • Cat products
  • Cat behavior 

Your article should be centered around your niche topic. So, you would not write an article about the health benefits of water when your niche is focused on cats. 

Each blog has an objective, which means a goal is in mind. Identify your objective and keep the article on point in correlation to the topic. 

Give Useful Information to the Reader 

People often use search engines to ask questions they want answers to. The internet provides solutions and answers to those questions. Many of the questions people ask to start with specific words:

  • How to
  • Who 
  • What 
  • Why 

These are just a few examples. The best topics to blog about will answer these questions and give readers the valuable information they can use in their lives. You should optimize your blog post titles for search intent and offer viable solutions to problems.   

Refer to Successful Past Work

The basic idea is to go back and look at your best articles and repeat their success. You can do this by analyzing your past work. Review it to see if you could use it as a guide for your new article. If you see a subhead that you think could make a whole article, go for it!

Article topic ideas may not come easy, but you can take what you learned from your previous work and ask yourself:

  • Was it a topic that generated interest?
  • Did the article provide better information than other sources?
  • Was the post able to correctly answer the question asked?
  • Were the keywords well-chosen and optimized appropriately?

The goal is to refer back to a successful article and create a new post using the older one as a guide. Using it as an authoritative and relevant source may be a good idea.   

Catch the Attention of Your Target Audience

You want to ensure that the subjects you choose catch the attention of your target audience. It will help to set you apart from the competition. 

You want original and exciting topics that readers cannot help but click on. You can utilize these steps to strengthen your connection to your target audience:

  • Make the topic memorable
  • Connect your concept with emotion
  • Help the reader overcome an obstacle 
  • Use style and formatting tools

You can also use market research to determine your audience and personalize your topics to attract readers to your blogs. If you want your blogs to appeal to your target audience, you need to create issues and blogs with them in mind.  

Use Keywords in the Title and Get More Traffic  

The best way to get your topic noticed is to develop a title optimized with the right keywords. If you can get words in your title to appear in the search engine, there is a significant probability that the reader will click on your link. 

Creating a headline that sparks the reader’s attention and includes keywords that increase traffic is a winning combination. 

Keyword research (which is a thing Text Goods offers) is crucial for nailing excellent blog post titles. You want to connect with the audience by using a common language.

It is the best way to drive organic traffic to your site, as you will already have the reader captivated even before clicking. Of course, you could seek advice or content writing services from a company like Text Goods. They may also be able to improve your traffic.  


You can create a blog post topic in many ways to get readers to click on your link. As long as you can catch the attention of your target audience, provide the reader with relevant information, and use keywords in the title, your blog topic will be a must-read for your audience.