Best Content Writing Services and Content Tips for Business Owners (2023)

Best Content Writing Services and Content Tips for Business Owners (2023)

Content is the real estate of the internet and being so it is unique to every business. As each piece of property is unique to its owner, the same goes for the content produced. As a result, business owners want the best content writing services and content tips available on the market to stay competitive and relevant to their unique customer base.

One of the best content writing services is Text Goods. Other services with similar goals exist, but there are a few things you should make sure they provide if you want your business to flourish using the content you get from them.

Specialized niches allow the content writing service to provide content that is tailored to the customers to which the content was intended for. The best content tip is to get the correct information in front of the correct people at the correct time. If the niche is too broad, the wrong content winds up in front of the correct people at the correct time.

The Best Content Writing Services Use S.E.O. Formulas

Search engine optimization is essential for any content strategy. If no one is looking at the content that was created because of a third-party search formula, then the content is not doing what it was designed for and needs to be adjusted accordingly.

S.E.O. tells the search engine that the content that is meant to be shared is relevant to the topic the person is searching for. Content writing services provide the knowledge and experience to craft the idea in a way that uses S.E.O. techniques.

S.E.O. Content Writing Helps Deliver Healthy Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic is an essential part of the formula to having an S.E.O content writing strategy. Plenty of common exceptions exist for “narrowing down” a niche, meaning that you can get away with a wide spectrum of articles in these niches instead of sticking to one general vibe.

However, these exceptions are far too broad for even the best content writing services to contend with, so you’ll probably want to order in stages: one part of the niche, then move onto the next. That will help you build up your repertoire in every category, and you’ll look more like a valuable resource.

Some of those exceptions include: 

  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Music
  • Ideology
  • Religion as a whole
  • Educational
  • Broad-spectrum social networks (Social media service providers, multinational news organizations, Content delivery networks, etc.)

Still, narrowing down the niche is more than not often a requirement for survival in the highly competitive marketplace of content. The best content writing services require the niche to be narrow enough to research and produce a product that will stand the “test of time” and remain generating traffic for business owners.

Content Writing Tips that Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Understanding how content writing services provide the best content really comes down to two things: the niche and the research. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive either; they both require a general understanding of both the topic and the customer.

Narrow Down a Niche for Readability and Traffic

One of the best content writing tips for business owners is to pick a single topic and stick with it.

When using content writing services, such as Text Goods, a team of professionals will help an owner narrow down the niche of focus. Text Goods also offers keyword research, so you can turn to one of our professionals for help finding the best keywords for your blog.

Article writing services want their customers to successfully deploy a search engine optimized content writing strategy.

Research the Topic In Advance to Target Your Audience

Even the best content writing company cannot read the minds of the audience. The best we can do is look at what performs well and what our audiences seem to like.

Although editors and writers will complete their own research, the keywords that are chosen directly influence the information that the writer will include to the audience. Choose the keywords that point the customer in the direction that is intended.

This method helps ensure that the article writing service chosen to employ is researching and speaking to the audience intended. Amongst of the content writing tips for business owners in 2022, keyword research will narrow down the customer base the furthest.

When you order from a writing service, try your best to provide notes pertaining to each article so that the writers and the editors have a solid jumping off point. Or, at least, make sure you’re open to communication for clarification. 


Probably the best content tip for a business owner is that patience is a virtue that should be recognized with any learning curve. When starting out as a beginner everything about blog marketing is confusing. Seeking help from a professional content writing service such as Text Goods, takes the stress out of Blog marketing.


7 Profitable Blogging Niches to Build a Business Around

7 Profitable Blogging Niches to Build a Business Around

It’s almost impossible to pick untapped blog niches. If you’re starting, it’s critical to select a profitable topic to bring in the most money. What is the best blog niche for affiliate marketing? What items can you consistently write about that will allow you to start a profitable business opportunity?

Here are seven of the best blog niches available:

  1. Beauty and fashion
  2. Finance
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Travel
  5. Parenting
  6. Food and Drink
  7. Health and Fitness

If you’re interested in learning more about the best niche website ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about how to pick a blog niche, affiliate marketing tips, and the most profitable blogging niches. The better you understand successful blogging categories, the smarter your choice can be for the final product.

Beauty and Fashion

Beauty and fashion are one of the most popular blog topics. When considering how to choose a blog niche, anything to do with appearance will be successful. You can review items, post your favorite selections, and even try items to show the rest of the world.

Here are a few specific items you can write about:

  • Fashion for specific events like bridal showers
  • Fashion reviews
  • Affordable clothing options
  • Makeup styles
  • Fashion kind to the environment

If you love beauty and fashion, write about it. Many content writing services can assist if you need to work on affiliate content writing.


People don’t know what to do with their money. If you do, write a profitable finance blog to improve your money situation.

Finance ebbs and flows over time. If you are willing to examine the market, you can create an excellent business around your site. Financial topics can be kind of hard to rank for, so you need to make sure your SEO is really on point. Or, alternatively, you need to hire keyword research experts from Text Goods to make sure for you.


Lifestyle is a broad term that covers everything from healthy eating to working out. People adore the lifestyle genre because it allows them to make improvements in their life. It’s the best blog niche for affiliate marketing.

You can write about items like:

  • Productivity
  • Self-improvement
  • Music
  • Hobbies

You can outline the products and lifestyle tips for people to understand. The best thing about lifestyle is that it’s not a restrictive category. You can write about almost anything you want and people will read.


Travel is something more people love, but many cannot achieve. Instead, they live vicariously through travel bloggers. If you have the funds to travel often, why not right about it? You can also research various locations to prepare people for trips they are about to take.

One of the best parts of the travel niche is if you get good enough, companies might pay you to travel. You can get free trips and continue to make a profit as you create quality content.


Parenting is something many will experience. However, nobody knows what they are doing. If you’re a parent, you can offer your experience in the form of a profitable blog niche for parents on the hunt.

You can write about:

  • Places to take your kids
  • Tips for entertainment
  • Snack ideas

Writing for parents is also ideal because they are sure to provide feedback. If they want to hear about something specific, they will let you know.

Food and Drink as the Best Niche Website Ideas

Food and drink are other items people love. Whether it’s for parties or Instagram, there are dozens of searches for recipes and inspiration every day.

You can post recipes, board ideas, and anything else you are passionate about in the food and drink world. The more specific you get, such as vegetarian or keto, the more people you can attract. Foodie blogs are also a great way to show off your personal voice!

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are just as trendy as they are practical. For many, these topics are a huge part of their life. You can make money writing about ways to improve general health.

You can write about the best things to eat, workout ideas, and anything else you are passionate about. Health and fitness is a broad category, wide enough to fit whatever you want.

Final Thoughts

Starting a blog is a scary process. There are many untapped blog niches, but there are also some that are tried and true. If you want the best blog niche for affiliate marketing, pick beauty and fashion, finance, lifestyle, travel, parenting, food and drink, or health and fitness. They are excellent and will draw profit for your company.

We hope this information was helpful! If you’re interested in the best niche website ideas but don’t know where to start, there are places to go. Turn to content writing services like Text Goods to get the job done for you. They can help with affiliate content writing and affiliate marketing tips, as well as profitable blogging niches. It’s okay to hire assistance.

How to Write Great Content for Affiliate Marketing

How to Write Great Content for Affiliate Marketing

Content writing for affiliate marketing seems like it might be complicated to someone just getting their foot in the door. It’s touted as being really important for monetization, yet it’s a lot harder to find someone explain how to go about doing it well.

Thankfully, this article is here to show it’s not too difficult. So be sure to keep reading for some affiliate marketing tips and content marketing ideas.

Be Honest

As far as affiliate marketing tips go, one of the most important ones is to be honest. That includes any relevant personal experience or even negative reviews. When working on affiliate marketing content, income is generated based on people clicking personalized links and making a purchase. People are more likely to make a purchase if they feel they have an honest review from a trusted source.

Make Frequent, Quality Posts

Article writing for affiliate marketing really should be done on the regular. This doesn’t mean to post every day, especially if that ends up with rushed, burnt out, and low-quality content. Be frequent enough to keep readers interested, but make sure there is still good quality. Being able to find some sort of consistency is good too, such as posting on the same day of the week so the reader base can start to expect it.

It might also be worth considering hiring freelancers or a content writing service such as Text Goods to help get enough quality content without burning out an individual writer. This also helps with generating content marketing ideas!

Don’t Force it

Nothing is more annoying than trying to read a post that constantly shoves it into the reader’s face to buy something if that’s not what they’re looking for. Make it more natural in context and plug it in when it feels appropriate. That will get a far better reception than spamming it all over the place.

Master SEO

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and is critical for getting content recognized and shown off by Google and other search engines. Mastering SEO helps to appease the algorithm and usher in more traffic to the content being presented, which in turn converts into sales through content affiliate marketing.

Here are some of the most important parts of SEO:

  • Focus Keyphrase(s)
  • Keyword Research
  • Text Readability
  • Content-Length
  • Eye-Catching Headings
  • Include Internal and External Links
  • Include the Title in the URL

If SEO is a struggle, consider looking into content writing services, such as Text Goods, or extensions, such as AIOSEO, for WordPress. These are useful tools that are well worth the extra aid to get quality affiliate marketing content. Content writing services can help increase the number of articles on your blog, which is good for SEO!

Include Images

Images can really help article writing for affiliate marketing. It shows the product being mentioned, helps create recognition, and also helps with more visually inclined readers. It’s best to always have at least a header image to draw in potential readers but adding some more where appropriate can also really help elevate the content writing for affiliate marketing from good to great.

Be extra careful with images: you need to have copyright free images. Otherwise, you could find yourself in legal trouble. Images play a big role in optimization, too. 

Structure Appropriately

There’s a reason that most content writing services or popular blogs look similar to each other. They have finely crafted their structure and style guides to reflect how readers will best interact with websites. This isn’t being unoriginal or lacking style; it’s using tools and data to appropriately structure content for the best possible results.

Here are some points to help appropriately structure content:

  • Using Headings, lists, and tables
  • Short sentences with varied starts
  • Consistent style
  • Easy to read colors and fonts
  • Cut out unnecessary fluff

Simply following a tried-and-true structure makes it infinitely easier to get content out that readers can effectively engage with, and thus helping to boost conversions through affiliate marketing.

Pick Appropriate Affiliates

While it can be tempting to just apply to every affiliate out there in hopes of generating income, it’s better to be a bit pickier and more specific to the content. Amazon is a popular choice because, while they aren’t the best paying, everyone recognizes them and pretty much everyone can utilize them. Having some other specialized affiliates are good ideas as content starts getting more popular though in order to increase revenue streams.


Writing content for affiliate marketing is a stressful thing when starting out. There’s so many factors and things to worry about when starting up a new blog that everyone harping on the need to be good at it makes it even scarier.

Thankfully, it really isn’t all that difficult to get a grasp on once the initial fear of content affiliate marketing has passed. It’s mostly appealing to Google’s algorithms and utilizing tools and data available. Worst case scenario is to hire a content writing service like Text Goods to write the content for the blog so other details can be focused on.

5 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Blog Content

5 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Blog Content

A well-written blog section can do wonders for your search engine rankings and website page views. But, it’s not enough to just have words on your blog post — you also need to be sure it’s the best resource for your readers.

Here are 5 easy techniques we use to optimize our own blog content.

Add Original Content and Perspective

The number one thing people want to know when they’re reading a blog post is whether or not they can trust the author. And, nothing says, “I’m experienced on this subject” like original content! 

There are two ways you can add original content to a blog post — you can pull from your own experience, or you can create original multimedia content to embed on the page.

Use Your Personal Experience

When someone writes a blog post about a topic they don’t have experience in, it can feel like you’re reading a product description from Amazon. To get readers’ attention, we need to provide value and insight from real experience!

Here is an example without personal experience:

Ring Cameras are great and the monthly subscription only cost $3.99/month for 1 camera.

Now here is an example with personal experience:

While I love my Ring camera, I wish I knew they charge more than 2x for additional cameras with video history. I would’ve considered a Wyze camera as they don’t have a monthly fee.

While the first example isn’t all bad, the second example shows how personal experience can provide even more helpful information. This also makes your content more trustworthy and honest- which is what most people are truly looking for online.

Add Original Multimedia Elements

Adding photos, videos, and infographics to your blog posts is an easy way to boost your rankings. 

Google likes high-quality, relevant photos and videos, and while royalty-free is okay, original content goes much further in establishing credibility.

Let’s say your website is about Range Rovers and you’re writing an article about it. Instead of getting a stock photo of the car, why not take a picture with your Range Rover instead? Here are two examples where one is clearly a stock photo and one could be an original image you provide.

Range Rover in Forest
Stock Photo (less original)
Man sitting in front of Range Rover
Potential Original Image (more authentic)

Which is better? The writer who pulls the first related image they find off the internet, or the one who snaps a photo to prove they have personal experience with what they’re talking about? 

The more original and relevant images you can provide, the more trustworthy and relatable you become.

Cut Out Fluff

Nothing kills your “Average Time on Page” analytics like too much fluff. 

When people turn to the internet for an answer to their question, they want to find out what they need to know as soon as possible — they don’t want to read a long paragraph that only sort of relates to the issue.

The main thing that causes “fluffy” writing is a writer trying to meet a specific word count. 

If you’re trying to write 1,000 words but have said everything there is to say about the subject by the time you hit 750, you’ll probably start thinking of ways to get more words in there. 

While the tone of blog content should always be conversational, going off on tangents, offering your personal opinion instead of direct facts, and “overexplaining” can detract from the overall message. 

Here’s an example of a “fluffy” section:

Screenshot with Fluff

The title of that section is “Strengthen Your Passwords.” So, what should the content focus on? Strengthening your passwords. 

We don’t need a whole paragraph on the invention of the internet or what inspired the reader to create a stronger password.

Let’s cut out the fluff and see what we’re left with:

Screenshot without Fluff

The tone is still conversational, but we get right to the point — strengthening your password will protect you from hackers, and here’s how you can make your password more secure. 

While it is true that a 1,000 to 2,000-word blog post will usually do better in the search engines than a 500-word blog post, you never want to sacrifice quality for quantity. Focus on adding relevant information, and worry about length later. 

Add More Images

The more relevant images you can add to a blog post, the better. But, you need to be sure any images you add do one of these three things:

  • Helps the reader understand the content better
  • Makes the article more interesting
  • Makes the article more visually-appealing

One type of image that every article should include is a featured image. This is the image at the top of the blog post, right underneath the title. 

Screenshot of a Featured Image for a Blog

Adding a featured image captures the reader’s attention and encourages them to click on the post. 

This is true not only for readers on your website but also for any readers who see your post shared on social media. 

For your post to be picked up by Google Discover, your featured image should be at least 1200 px wide. 

However, larger, slowly-loading images can negatively impact your page load time, so always resize accordingly. 

As we discussed above, adding original images can help boost your site’s credibility and make your content more interesting. But, you don’t want to overload a post with images

A good rule of thumb to follow is one image per header. Again, readers don’t want to scroll through a ton of useless information or images before they get an answer to their question. 

If an image doesn’t complement the content, or if it negatively impacts your page load time, take it out. 

Should I Add Alt Text to Images?

When you upload an image to WordPress, you’ll see a box where you can enter the image’s “alt text.” Adding alt text to your images is important for two main reasons:

  • It describes the image to search engines
  • It helps readers who use screen readers

Alt text is important not only for accessibility reasons, but also for optimization. It should describe the image in 125 characters or less, but you’ll typically only need 4-5 words.

Use Internal Links

Internal links are links to other pages or posts on your website. When used correctly, internal links can increase your credibility and “Average Time on Page” analytics. 

A good internal link is linked to more than one word and tells the reader exactly where they’ll be going next

Take this article, for example. This post is all about decorating your home with LED light strips, and this section suggests using them around your computer desk.

Interlinking Example

We’ve let the reader know that, after they decorate their desk with LED light strips, they may be able to sync their lights to the music they’re listening to — something we have another article on. 

Clicking the words “sync the lights to the music” will bring the reader to another blog post about how to sync your LED light strip to your music.

This is an example of an internal link done right. 

We didn’t just link the word “music” to an article about renewing your Spotify subscription. The highlighted text clearly shows the reader where they’re going next and offers them the information they’re probably interested in

The longer you can keep a reader on your site, the higher your rankings will be, and the more people will rely on you as a trustworthy source

However, linking irrelevant pages or pages that don’t deliver what you promise can have the opposite effect. 

Whenever you add internal links, make sure they apply directly to the content and will help the reader meet their goals. 

Fact Check for Accuracy

The main purpose of having a blog on your site is to establish yourself as a credible, trustworthy resource. 

Not only will publishing inaccurate information work against this goal, but it will also tank your rankings!

For this reason, fact-checking every article before you publish it, and only looking at credible or official sources while researching an article is an absolute must. 

Read through every article you receive from a writer, and if something seems fishy, do a quick Google search to confirm that it’s accurate before you publish it on your website.